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    Mary Thompson TURNBULL

    Hi Dave, sorry i cant help you with this one, ive searched high and low, couldnt find them in the census, or anywhere else. cant give you anymore info, other than you already have....sorry. :(
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    Mary Thompson TURNBULL

    hi Dave, yes it was the Turnbull clan site, was sure you'de find something of interest on that one. i'll check the census, if i find anything new, i'll let you know. Judy.
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    hello all, i joined late september, but forgot to introduce myself, to busy searching this wonderful site i guess, my name is Judy, i live in tasmania australia, and im researching....or trying to....my grandfather, William Harvey, born Surry England, 1896. and my gr.gr. grandfather John...
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    Mary Thompson TURNBULL

    hello dave, ive just joined this interesting site a few days ago, there's a website that holds all the names your looking for, in australia, a lot of these people are in western australia, plus queensland. i dont think im allowed to post the site on here, and you may have already seen it, how...