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    Is this normal information on a PDF from the GRO

    I ordered what I thought was a copy of my grandfather's birth certificate from the GRO. I got a PDF copy because I thought it would be quicker and cheaper. I'll attach a copy of what I received. Did I just pay £7 for something I already knew for free from other sites?
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    Random name cropped up on a Scotlands People death

    While waiting for all my Jones certificates delivery, I decided to crack on with my father's family in Scotland. I have been flying with it (love that you actually get the entries and parents information on everything) Anyway, I found the death of my ggrandfather, James Ross STEEL. The...
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    How do you research a common surname (Jones)

    My grandmother married my grandfather (Robert Jones) in 1939. He was serving in the Army in Surrey, but was originally from County Durham. I have a copy of their marriage certificate, and have his army number and know he was in the Durham Light Infantry from that. It also has his father's name...