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    Been doing abit of searching...barber surgeon?

    So I've been doing abit of searching online tonight. Found a "William Fidgeon" living in Rochford, Essex in 1620. Which is where my family are from. This record is from "extracted probate records". It refers to William as a "barber surgeon". What is this profession? I haven't heard of it...
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    Can't find a birth for Israel Fidgeon...

    I need help here! I have completely hit a brick wall. Israel Fidgeon was born in circa 1803 according to the 1841 census. I cannot find a birth for him on the BMD records no matter how much I try. Can anybody help?!
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    Sergeant Harry Fidgeon - offence query

    My great grandfather was a sergeant before and during World War One. I have viewed his military records and discovered that he neglected his duties: "Allowing his men to dispose before reaching camp" in 1914 He was severely reprimanded for this. Later that year he was "admonished" for being...
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    The first name Israel?

    This name is common in my family used as a first and then middle name through to the 20th century. Does anybody know where it comes from? I have a feeling my family originally came from Ireland but so far I can only go back as far as Essex which is where they were living from 1803 onwards...
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    Nurse Child (Nurse)

    On the 1861 census my family are living with a child of 7 months with a different surname. His relation to family in the box says: Nurse Child (nurse). They have another child (their own) of the same age living there too alongside older siblings. What could this mean? Did they foster the boy...
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    Hi guys :) I'm new

    I'm new here and keen to search my family history. I have managed to trace back as far as 1803 but no further than that so far. Looking forward to posting around here :)