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Search results

  1. ptjw7

    Will service?

    Has anyone had problems with the Gov.uk will service as I now cannot connect with their support system. In the past I have had very good results from the service - very fast but on this will the system says the will is ready to download but when I try to access all I get is a message to contact...
  2. ptjw7

    He changed his name!

    What makes you so sure of the name change peter
  3. ptjw7

    Problem with site

    That's very strange Gibbo I thought you were a moderator Peter
  4. ptjw7

    The Cage

    Already several investigations. https://www.essexlive.news/news/essex-news/cage-st-osyth-spent-night-2165423 Peter
  5. ptjw7

    deaths 2008 - 2018

    Ancestry say they have deaths for 2008 to 2018 but only 55% of them. They are apparently garnered from obituaries - still better than nowt:D Peter
  6. ptjw7

    Family Tree Maker 2019

    Family Tree Maker is to get a new upgrade later this summer to issue 2019. They are offering a 50% discount to pre-order so £29.95 with a 1 year free 'Tree Vault Services' which I think means they keep a copy of your tree. I keep mine on Ancestry anyway so not so sure about the Tree Vault idea...
  7. ptjw7

    Whats in a name!2.

    Perhaps it was to impress his brides father who was a police officer:) peter
  8. ptjw7

    Whats in a name!2.

    Just what can you believe on a certificate! o_O On John Rowson's marriage certificate for 1885 he has his father Thomas Rowson down as Musician, on all the census I have found his father was a lamplighter. :confused: So I was beginning to think I had the wrong family(as you would) - so today I...
  9. ptjw7

    Whats in a name

    1920 to 1930 in Skull, Cork
  10. ptjw7

    Whats in a name

    It gets worse!:cry: Most of those I seek were born in Ireland - and the Irish information is so so sparse - almost unusable unless you have more info!:( Peter
  11. ptjw7

    Whats in a name

    How to make searching just that bit harder!:cry: Looking for births and marriages for O'Sullivan or Sullivan there just is no consistency:confused: Any search takes several goes and then I'm not sure is I have missed something!! - Still a bit easier than Smith:unsure: Peter
  12. ptjw7

    Wife remarry after husband transported?

    Thanks Ellie - So it seems the seven year rule applies ie if the husband is missing for seven years you can marry even if you cannot prove death! peter
  13. ptjw7

    Wife remarry after husband transported?

    The wife remarried in 1844 but first husband died in 1860 - although not sure if it was in New South Wales? peter
  14. ptjw7

    Wife remarry after husband transported?

    Today I found the first instance of a transportation to New South Wales in 1839 - there is a marriage for the wife in 1844 - So were the wife's allowed to remarry or did they do it anyway!:D Peter
  15. ptjw7

    Ancestry Today?

    Just tried it and its now working but alas I forgot what I was going to look up:(:unsure: peter
  16. ptjw7

    Ancestry Today?

    I dont know why I subscribe to Ancestry! Every thing I go to says 'This page is no longer available' Very frustrating - when it works I will have lost the plot:cry: Peter
  17. ptjw7

    Site problems

    Just tried that Dave and it made no difference to Home page layout - other pages are fine! (Win 10 and Opera) Peter
  18. ptjw7

    Forget how many children you have!

    I have found a bit of a conundrum with a 1911 census return in that the family have reported that they had had 6 children and 3 had died. Looking at the image I could see the names of 3 children (all born after 1901) but I remembered that they had had a child listed on the 1901 census! So I...
  19. ptjw7

    Site problems

    +one for the alerts page - I clicked on it and got a message about 'a security issue' Tried again and it worked - seems that 'something' is a bit flaky but it could be anything as 'they' are forever changing things:cry: Peter Just done some searching on the site to see if there are any defaults...
  20. ptjw7

    Site problems

    Using win 10 I had nothing but problems with IE and Edge so I changed to Opera and once I got used to it I love it. Peter