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    Irish research lectures in London this weekend

    A couple of interesting lectures this weekend in London (Notting Hill) for Irish family historians wanting to move their research past the beginner stage. It's being hosted by the Irish Genealogical Research Society but it's open to non-members. There's a charge but it includes buffet lunch...
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    Margaret evangeline walsh

    You don't need her mother's name if you are able to quote the registration index ref which is this: Dundalk Q4 1906 Vol 2, page 691. That, plus Evangeline Mary Margaret Walsh, will be sufficient. Download the application form for a birth cert at www.groireland.ie, fill in those details and...
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    Irish Ancestry: Where to start?

    You should be able to locate some of your gt or gt gt grandparents in the 1901 and 1911 census, both of which are free and online at www.census.nationalarchives.ie. Earlier census returns exist only for a few locations. The entire civil registration index from 1845/1864 to 1921 for (Northern...
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    County Down

    Hi June You've got to follow up the information you already have ie info that you are reasonably confident of. It seems there are four snippets that fall into that category: Daniel Junior was born around 1872. He was born in Slievensky. His father was Daniel. His father had died between the...
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    County Down

    Hi June A quick search on the online Irish Civil Registration Index shows just two possible Daniel Dornan deaths between 1871 and 1895 in the registration district of Downpatrick. One is of a 19-year-old, the other a 50-year-old. You can obtain copy death certificates by downloading the...
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    Church records released online

    The free, state-funded website IrishGenealogy has released a new batch of church records. It now contains the following records: Church of Ireland records for Carlow Roman Catholic registers for the diocese of Cork & Ross, Cork Church of Ireland, Presbyterian and Roman Catholic registers for...
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    John Moore and Mary Walsh

    Hi Chrissie The LDS pilot site won't help because it holds only the civil registration records. These started in 1845 for non-Catholic marriages, and 1867 for births, deaths and Catholic marriages. Your problem is the lack of a place of origin for your ancestors. You need to find the name of a...
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    Hayes of Breandrum, Kildallan, Cavan

    Hi Drew Before I get on to your certificate question, can I just tell you that I took another look at Griffiths Valuation. There are two entries for a Jeremiah Hayes in Cavan. This doesn't necessarily mean there are two men of the same name. The two entries are for adjoining townlands and the...
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    Hayes of Breandrum, Kildallan, Cavan

    I don't know why that link isn't working.... I've copied and pasted it. Try this link instead: https://wiki.familysearch.org/en/Ireland_Civil_Registration_Indexes I hope that one works for you.
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    Hayes of Breandrum, Kildallan, Cavan

    When I first saw the name jeremiah Hayes I thought you must be referring to someone from Cork, or at least the province of Munster (it is such a Munster name!), so I was surprised to see that his daughter Jane was born in Cavan. It might be worth bearing that in mind if you research further back...
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    Irish famine orphan Mary Anne Reilly of Dublin

    You might be lucky and find Mary Ann or her parents recorded somewhere on the Dublin Heritage site.
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    1911 census records for all 32 counties are now online

    We were only expecting another tranche of releases this weekend so the release of records for all outstanding counties came as a very pleasant surprise. They can be searched for free, and the images downloaded for free, at http://www.census.nationalarchives.ie. Enjoy yourselves!
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    irish family history waldron

    Thought you'd be interested to know that in the province of Munster, which includes county Clare, the surname Walsh was (and still is) pronounced Welsh. So, in Ireland she'd probably have been recorded as Margaret Walsh, but when she got to England and gave her name, officials/priests/registrars...
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    Hi Torjai According to the Irish civil registration indexes, there were six boys born to Harper families in (London)Derry in the 1860s. None was called Samuel, but there is one recorded just as 'male'. In most, but not all, cases, a child was registered in this way because it died fairly soon...
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    Ancestors from Liimerick?

    If you've got ancestors from Limerick, you may find the new online burial register useful. Launched today, it dates back to 1855 (12 years before civil registration of deaths), and is freely accessible from the county council website www.limerick.ie.
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    One-third of 1911 Irish census now online

    Last night, the National Archives of Ireland met their much revised deadline (by a whisker!) and quietly released the 1911 census for counties Cork, Donegal, Galway, King's (Offaly) and Wexford. They join the returns for Antrim, Down, Dublin and Kerry. The indexes and images can be viewed...
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    Need Help

    Ah, 1841 is a completely different kettle of fish to 1881 (which is what you put in your original message). For 1841, the only records are church registers and you really need to know both the religion and the location to get anywhere with those. Paying out on the Irish Roots site is an option...
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    Latest census news

    Great news, folks. The indexed 1911 census returns for Cork, Donegal, King's/Offaly, Limerick and Wexford will be online, free, within three weeks. They will join Dublin, Antrim, Down and Kerry which have been available for some time. Remaining counties will go online in two stages by the end...
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    Need Help

    Hi Yarnee. The LDS pilot site of Irish Civil Registration birth indexes show there were 96 Mary Welsh/Walsh (you'll need to check both names, I'm afraid) births in the four years 1879-1882. The indexes don't show parents' names or occupation, only the birth certificates do that. So that's...
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    Cumming Belfast

    Hi Ed You can also find the family living at 3 Glendowen Street, Ormeau, on the night of 2nd April 1911 by searching the National Archives Census site at http://www.census.nationalarchives.ie/search/.