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    Emily brown lost children

    Hi can anybody help me find any info on these children they seem to have disappeared from the face of the earth (or Im not looking properly) there my 2nd great grandmothers first children and I want to know what happened to them once she married my 2nd great grandfather (even more confusing he...
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    Lightowler family right path?

    Please can someone see if Im going down the right path? So far I have Yorkshire Elsie Lightowler 1893 Parents Thomas Lightowler 1851 Mary Ann Hall 1851? How do I know they are the right family, Its very confusing and I dont want to waste time looking for people that are not connected, Thank you
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    Confusion, please help!!!

    Hi, My names Clare and Im new, not only to this forum but also at searching my family tree, I would be grateful if anyone could help with the brick wall that I have it, Basically i know my great grandfather was called Bernard Burgin and my great grandmother was called Elsie Lightowler, Not 100%...