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    Thomas William Fisher-Carabineer 6th Dragoon Guards

    Hi Ben Thank you but i already have that information, perhaps i should have stated that in my initial post sorry. I only required info about Thomas William being in The Carabineer 6th Dragoon Guards, as i do use ancestry and couldn't locate his records either. Mary is Mary F Jobling the F...
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    Thomas William Fisher-Carabineer 6th Dragoon Guards

    Hi Ben and thank you Steve for the links you provided. Thomas William Fisher was born in Darfield possibly 1879, baptised 1880 Darfield All Saints Church. I do not have a confirmed marriage yet, but possibly married Barnsley 1908 to either Emily Fletcher or Amy Belle Hannam. The newspaper...
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    Thomas William Fisher-Carabineer 6th Dragoon Guards

    Thomas William Fisher was born c1880 the son of Samuel Fisher. From a newspaper article, he was the eldest son of Samuel and was a signalling instructor in the Carabineers (6th Dragoon Guards). Where can i obtain more information on the 6th Dragoon Guards please?
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    Joseph Turner 1881 Where is he?

    Hi Julie No i haven't sent for George's birth cert yet - but guess i need to as then i will be certain who the mother is and can then recheck for the parents marriage. Thanks for all your help -i do appreciate it. regards nbb
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    George Turner

    Hi Julie This might be it, as we have George as being born in 1876 (given age 28 on marriage cert) but his father Joseph was given as Greengrocer on the certificate, now whether he just worked as a greengrocer or actually owned a shop?? Probably the former as most of ours seem to be mining...
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    Joseph Turner 1881 Where is he?

    Hi Julie Joseph occupation given as Greengrocer. Thanks for your help. nbb
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    Joseph Turner 1881 Where is he?

    Hi I am looking for the parents and any siblings of George Turner born in Barnsley 1876, father's name as given on George's marriage cert in 1904 is Joseph Turner (deceased). George was living at Worsbrough Common at the time of his marriage. Any help appreciated as i simply cannot find...
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    DRURY Louisa Kime

    Hi Julie I have the 1901 census info thanks, but we don't know if Louisa married or not, but we do know she is the daughter of Mary Jane. We may have living family somewhere if she did marry and have children and would dearly love to get in contact, if this is the case. Thank you anyway.
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    DRURY Louisa Kime

    Louisa was born 16th September 1907 daughter of Mary Jane, at 6 Dixon Street Lingdale Skelton. If anyone has any info at all on Louisa we would be very greatful, Louisa is my husbands aunt. Thank you
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    Mandelli Family in India

    Hi Julie Thanks will have a look at that - as i haven't been able to find anything Mandelli related at all so far, this will probably fit in somewhere hopefully.
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    Mandelli Family in India

    Has anyone any information on the Mandelli (italian origin) family in India please? Particulary Edith Angela married to Stanley Eugene Desbruslais. Thank you
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    Oradur-Sur- Glane

    http://www.oradour.info/ slight mistake in web link - very good site as you say.
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    Hi Again As like the rest of us you are waiting for the next census release you could put on this and as many other family research sites you may be a member of, a 'call out' for information on children of Walter H and Charlotte Rogers of Battersea, include the children you know of with...
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    Success Story

    Just wanted to share the fact that i have made contact with my 2nd cousin (think i have that right) her grandfather was step-brother to my grandfather. The family surnames originate from France\Italy but our branch starts in India. We met for the first time on Saturday at a friend\possible...
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    RSS Forum Feeds

    Thank you for the explanation.
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    can anyone check death certs??

    Our local FHS has a volume in it - sorry can't remember proper name - but it is only available to read on site, it contains dates of death and causes, think it was something to do with NHS or medical records.So if you have a local FHS you may be able to access something similiar or someone in...
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    RSS Forum Feeds

    What ia an rss browser and feed?
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    Re: OPC,s Hello Hawkeye Thanks so much for that - it will be so useful in my reseach, as it so comprehensive, cheers.
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    Army Museums

    Thanks for the site address Julie, i mentioned in another post i wonder if we could have a specific forum for all these useful website addresses? But don't think i made it very clear, i know we are in the Genealogy on the Internet forum, what i meant was a specific thread just for website addresses!
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    Greetings from Australia!

    Hi there Welcome fellow newbie to this site, everyone is so helpful. You will soon be unravelling the mysteries in your family tree, be warned it is very addictive!