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    Here we are then???????

    Dear All, Here we are as prommised, here is the photo album that i lost sooooo much sleep over, by cross referencing the photographers studios against when they were in business gave me a date of approx 1897, as stated the church is Holy Trinity Church, Abbots Leigh, Bristol. Picture 31a if i...
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    Joseph Gibbs Harris - 1837

    Hello All, I have a Joseph Gibbs Harris, born in 1837 in Westerleigh, when civil registration came in, his mother was a Rachel Harris, and father was allegedly Thomas Dando, eventually they got married, but there was no record of the father on the baptism records, how can i prove or disprove...
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    I have come here for inspiration!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hello All, While compiling my research a few years ago, i had to clean out my grandparents house, in the house we found an album of 31 wedding photos, using various means i worked out the dates to @ 1897 the church is in Holy Trinity, Abbotts Leigh according to churchcrawler website. As soon...