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    Would really appreciate some help with this one. Its a birth record for a James Bland born abt 1805. On four consecutive census records, all in the Salford/Manchester area, he puts his place of birth as Garstang. His dob always remains consistant, as with his occupation (engraver to Calico...
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    1851 Birth Record

    Please could anyone advise, if a record of an 1851 birth would include the mother's maiden name. Any help would be appreciated Shelagh
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    War Grave Commission

    Hi, I have a Grandfather who died in 1915 at Gallipoli. Would anyone know if the War Grave Commission would have his date of birth. They have his death details recorded, but it's his dob I am after as I have no way of moving forward without it. Thanks Shelagh
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    Redgrave 1891

    Back in 2012 I received a lot of help regarding my family, however no one was ever able to throw any light on my G.Grand father James Redgrave. On the 1891 census, he is showing as 31 and originating from London area – he was living with his wife Maggie and two daughters, Maggie and Jessie (my...
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    Common graves

    Hi, Having found out that my GG was buried in a Common Grave, could anyone advise if this type of burial was paid for, in total, by the local authority, or just the plot, with the family paying for the burial. I am also curious to know if the family would have attended such burials. Any...
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    Burial Information

    Can anyone advise the best place to look for information as to where my GGrandmother who died in 1907 may be buried/cremated. I have a copy of her death certificate, but I cannot find anything of where she may have been 'laid to rest'. Thanks Shelagh
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    Census Address

    Could anyone advise if it is possible to seach a census address only around 1885, and if so could you point me in the direction. Many Thanks
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    WhIle searching for Charlotte Elizabeth Hinchcliff born approx 1850, the FS database brings up a Charlotte E Hinchcliff on the 1871 census – further information on the drop down menu confirms this is the correct Charlotte (Husband Henry and Charlotte M Hinchcliff daughter) Birthplace St...
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    James Redgrave

    Hello Again, Following on from my original thread under 'Marriages' of the 16th August - I have returned to try and trace the above. I have him living in Salford listed as coming from Camberwell and possibly Kilburn. DOB around 1860. On his 2nd marriage to Lucy Crick his has stated his...
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    Re: Help Please. Marriage.

    Re: Help Please. Marriage. If this is in the wrong place, can you please move it to where it should be. My Mother - Jessie Burgess (nee Redgrave) Born 26 January 1914 Her Parents: Jessie Redgrave married William Burgess 31 December 1910 I think I am correct in saying that Jessie...
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    Help Please

    Hello - I am new to the forum, and would very much appreciate some advice please. I began to research my family tree a couple of years ago. I have returned to it once or twice but I always hit a brick wall with my great grandparents. According to the cenus, they originated from London...