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    Frederick Steel

    I am trying to find any information on the death of my great uncle Frederick Steel I know he died between 1965-1973 I know he was not alive in 1973 the year his sister/my grandmother died I have ask family they cannot remember the year off death the only area of death i get is either...
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    George Baldam

    Trying to find we're my grandfather served in WW2 I have one other piece of information in that he served I belive in Italy during WW2 His name and dob are as follows George Baldam 14/04/1916 Lived in Grangetown Middlesbrough Any help would be greatful
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    John Thomas and Rachael Edwards

    I am looking for the marriage of John Thomas and Rachael Edwards around the year of 1865 in Aberdare Mythr Tydfil any help would be greatfull John I belive was born in 1838 and Rachael around 1846 maybe earlier not to sure
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    William Hubbard 1923

    I am looking for a birth date and mother if possible of William Hubbard born in Middlesbrough in 1923 mothers maiden name Massingham and he died around October 1925
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    generations family tree file

    I have a generations family tree 8 file sent to me by a cousin in a .cht file is there any software out ther that will open it as I have searched everywear to no avail
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    Annie Davison

    I am look for the death of Annie Davison nee Baldam born around june 1912 in Middlesbrough her parents were Frederick Baldam and Mary webster and her Husband was called Henry Davison and she died I belive in Hartlepool
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    Looking for a birth of a child I have just found in a relatives tree his name is Harry Baldam born around 1937 to Fredrick Baldam and Mary Webster my great grandparents I am just querring it as his mother according to my records was 48 and his father was 49
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    Lokking for the death of Stella Pursey nee Wilson born 1924 died around 1987 I think in Middlesbrough married to Walter Pursey
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    Year of birth please

    I am looking to a relatives year of birth I belive it was between 1939-1942 the name is Fredrick/Fred Baldam I know he was born before my mother in 1942 and he died with in a year of birth his mother was Hilda Baldam nee Steel Married to George Baldam I know Hilda was born in 1920 and I also...
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    Death Year please

    Looking for the year of death if pos of John Thomas Wilson he was born 1900 in the Eston area of North Riding his death is between 1957 the year of his wife's death and as far as I know 1975 he died in Middlesbrough according to my father he died a good ten years after his wife Ellen
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    Look for Death years

    I am Looking for the dates if possible of Fredrick and Florence Steel I know that they lived there later years in the Redcar and Cleveland area Fredrick either died in the late 60's early 70's according to my mam he died before her mother died in late 1973 so any help I would be greatfull
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    Loooking for a marriage

    Hi I am looking for a marriage of Freedrick Steel who's Father was Matthew Steel Fredrick was born in 1909 In Grangetown Middlesbrough to Charlotte Thomas nee Steel his spouse was Florance sorry no maiden name she was from the Brighton area I am lead to belive I know he lived and worked in...
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    Looking for an Uncle

    I am trying to find information on an uncle of mine his name is William Wilson Born in Middlesbrough in 1916 + or - 20 years married Daphanie live in the county of kent had a son called Kevin and daughter called Karren hit so many brick walls on this
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    Just found this site being doing the familytree for years and i'm stuck aganin