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    WW1 record search help

    Hi Abbie, I've just enrolled on FHUK and saw your posting of several years ago. Ancestry now has a lot more info than then so I may be telling you the blindingly obvious so here goes. Your ancester was eligible for the Silver War Badge for his injuries and there is an entry for...
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    Military Medals

    Hi Lance, Just saw your message a long time after the event!! I have visited Regimental museums several times in the past 2 years and spoken to their experts over the phone before visiting the museum to do some research om WW1 gallantry medals. In all cases the staff have been...
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    Regimental information

    Thanks for reply, The controller has removed your e-mail address but I think I already have it from previous exchanges. Will contact you via e-mail. Roger
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    Regimental information

    High Rover, I noticed your message of 5 years ago concerning the 404th Highlan Company and the soldiers photo labelled Sapper Jones 450513. To my amazement, this is my grandfather and the Arthur Jones of 1 Ruby Street Splott Cardiff was my great grandfather. If you want to...