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  1. J

    Sash significance?

    Yay! I can finally attach the picture- note to all- Ipads are not compatible with attaching photos to this forum! Anyway, here is a picture of one of my ancestors. the photo is circa 1900 give or take ten years but he is wearing his sash with such pride that it must have some significance...
  2. J

    Adelaide Hills and Barossa Valley

    Adelaide Hills and Barossa Valley cemeteries are my favorite places - other than the wineries! If you have any ancestors who may be buried here, let me know and i will see what I can find :o)
  3. J

    Three generations, 5 people who did not die??

    Hi, I have a ancestor whose name was Harriett Branton who birthed a son in 1856 called Henry in shoreditch workhouse according to the cert. Henry 'married' a lady called Mary (Pine) before 1881 - not that I can find a marriage cert - but they appear in the 1881 census with a daughter Elizabeth...
  4. J

    Photo attachments???

    Okay, this forum is about photos but I can't find where you actually attach the photo you want to discuss? I have seen other posts with them so what am I missing? Cheers
  5. J

    Warm sunny welcome from Adelaide Australia

    Hi everyone, my name is Jo and I have been doing my family history for almost 20 years now and could very well be considered obsessed! Thankfully I have an understanding husband! Most of my ancestors are East Enders London; mainly from Shoreditch, Limehouse and Rotherhithe. There is one lot...