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    Help please

    Hi Gibbo, Sorry for not getting back to you earlier. I have tried to find Robert Francis's birth certificate, but there is a few contradictions, One says England, another Dublin and yet another Tipperary. Any ideas from anyone would help Rob
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    Seasons Greetings

    To all other FHUK members, have a great festive season and happy hunting in 2010
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    Help please

    Hey gibbo, Sure is the one and the same, I have downloaded the image and saved it already, but hey thanks for he heads up. Rob
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    Help please

    Hi Pejay, I have been led to believe from the Tipperary area (Toomavara I think), but then again also from Dublin. Nobody in our family has kept any records of William and Hannah. There son Robert Francis (my great Granddad) joinrd the Navy and served on HMS Clio when it was based in Sydney. He...
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    I was so keen to get my post out I forgot to say Hi to all the members, so hi everyone
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    Help please

    I have been trying to trace my family history for William Henry Talbot and Hannah Watts. William was born in 1800 and Hannah 1810. William was, I have been told , a music professor. He had a son Robert Francis who moved to Australia and I believe there may have been a daughter called Jean. Any...