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    Help With Irish Ancestry

    I've been trying for a long time to try and get my Irish ancestry further back but with no success, if someone could help I would be very grateful. I've got back to a Patrick Dillon/Dillan who was born somewhere in Ireland (no one in my family knows whereabouts and no census returns or records...
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    Research Help for Ancestor

    I have been trying to research my ancestors involvement in WW1 and although I have been able to find information on his brother I have not been able to find anything on my ancestor. If someone could possibly help I would be very grateful. The ancestor I'm struggling with is Charles Henry...
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    I've been researching my family history now for just over a year now. I've got an interesting mix of branches to research, some more frustrating than others! Hopefully I can get some help on this forum and help some others as well.