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  1. oznannie

    Charles Joseph Barwick. 9 Feb. 1911. Yorkshire.

    Little Charles was 7 weeks old. 16 Dean St Ilkley. Dad Fred was a labourer on an estate. Brother Thomas 22 labourer with Midland Rlwy. Beautiful photos in Google of the Wharfedale Valley. FMP 1938 have a Fred Barwick bn 1886 in Ilkley with a Mary A bn 1898. Thank you for an interesting post..
  2. oznannie

    Caroline Mary King. Death.

    Hi Anc have her birthplace as Goasch...sent an error in changed to Ipswich that's in 1871 census. :)
  3. oznannie

    James Grey

    Do you have the birth of his son Douglas James 4.1.1887 Chicago, Charles was 24 born Glasgow. His wife 18. Tks Ozn p.s quite a few in Family Search although transcription errors could occur.
  4. oznannie

    James Grey

    Hi I presume you have G.A.G in 1881 census in Partington aged 18 with his widowed mother Charlotte 40? 1871 in Bridlington with Mum and Dad Joseph?..It's G.A.G bb 1887 is the one you are looking for yeah?? Or is it Charles Grey? Thank you Ozn :) I see Charles Stanley St Clair Grey in your tree...
  5. oznannie

    Absalom PALMER

    Thanks Dave for update. He's an enigma for sure! Especially with 3 surnames. I see a Mary Ann died 1858 dec qtr Clifton rego area. HAPPY NEW YEAR Oznannie...:)
  6. oznannie

    Absalom PALMER

    Hi Dave, Rachel is still with her grandees in 1871 aged 15 cotton weaver born Hanham Gloucestershire. Her surname misspelt, someone put a correction in, 2010 to Palmer. Perhaps this person may have more info about her parents?? Or perhaps the Peacock's are in her tree? Ozn :)
  7. oznannie

    Birth Lillian Waite

    Great find Bootzy, well done beat me to it!!
  8. oznannie


    Hi emeltee, not of any help but I love your comment "away with the fairies"..I often feel like that with this genie lark, you gave me a good chuckle!! Oz
  9. oznannie

    Edmund and Eliza Astell

    Hi, sadly Eliza died march qtr 1910 St Pancras rego aged 51 yrs. Vol 1b page 17. Ozn
  10. oznannie

    1939 Register - HUGGARD & BONE

    Hi Dave I don't have subs. You can look in FMP for free, just list the person and click on preview. Joseph P is there 1899 with Elsie J. I guess you have already done this but would like more details. Hopefully someone has the subs. Cheers
  11. oznannie

    Frederick Garner - 1911

    Well done Elaine!! Great find OzN:)
  12. oznannie

    Frederick Garner - 1911

    Hi Dave Chas was born in 1890 and I think he's single in 1911. It's a toughie. There is a Chas in 1939 born 1890 with a lady Harriet. I don't think he's our man as he married Harriet Stuckey 1912 and they had 2 girls. Also Chas would be on his own if the mother had left him by 1939. Rainbow fmp...
  13. oznannie

    Frederick Garner - 1911

    Hi Rainbow and a warm welcome. I found Frederick in 1938 as GAMER bn 1911 living in Stoke. It could be worth your while to pay the subs to F.M.P and view the information. Hilda M.F is also listed with 2 others which are closed. Staffs BMD have a marriage in 1930 for Frederick to Hilda M Simpson...
  14. oznannie

    Jeremiah Abbott

    Hi Amanda I was hoping to find him in 1841 or his son Stephen. Will have to dig a bit further, I guess it would say not born in county if he was in London. Not much help. G.P
  15. oznannie


    Hiya Dave a tree in Anx has the death of John Hutchinson aged 49 just after 1861 census, his wife Jane also 49 in 1859 Cathcart. Jane arrived in Geelong 12.4.1853 and married Richard Perrins in 1865. The electoral rolls 1903-1914 have her in Geelong living on her own. Richard died 1886. Some...
  16. oznannie

    Charles Miller HUGHES

    Hi Dave, there is a tree in Anc which lists his death as 1868. However, Free MBD have a death for Charles Miller Hughes in 1856 W Dby. perhaps a baby son born in 1855. Angelina remarries in 7.11.1869 to Robt Andrew Thomas. St Johns Tockie Park. Ozn Not much help mate. Did he sail to Australia as...
  17. oznannie

    Laura Livia HOOPER

    Geoff :) From 1919 E.R's she's listed but Anx can only show me part of the roll. She was in Musgrave Wide Bay until 1949 when she is in Bundaberg. There is a record of Daniel's attestment to 12th Rfts 81st Btn, cook aged 25 yrs 8 months on 17.10.16 born London.
  18. oznannie

    Laura Livia HOOPER

    Many thanks Geoff, great finds!! Your a star... Ozn :)
  19. oznannie

    Laura Livia HOOPER

    Hiya Dave Anx have a baptism for Laura Livia Hooper 6.1.1897 St Mary Haggerston Hackney to Thomas and Laura Maria 5 Audrey St also on the same day baptisms for Thomas John and Francis William. I hope this is your family. Ozn :)
  20. oznannie

    1841 census on FS

    Must be driving you nuts Dave. You have my sympathy, technology is wonderful when it works!! Bezzies Ozn