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  1. pramclub

    Searching using date of discharge

    Never managed to find my grandfather's WW1 details. Although he was a miner, I'm certain he was in the army, injured and then discharged. Today looking through old photos and docs I came across his National Registration card, which shows date of discharge as 1 Sept 1916 under Form B2079 which I...
  2. pramclub

    Keeping track of electronic correspondence

    My genealogy has taken a back burner for a couple of years. I belong to various online sources such as Ancestry, FMP, Wikitree. So I get messages from others using those resources. Of course, I then come across a gmail, message etc that I've forgotten about after answering. I did use a tagging...
  3. pramclub

    Duplicate register entry with different surname

    Found a marriage that I'm sure is the one I want - but the register page lists it twice. Leonard R marries Gillian A (Surname), then again marries Gillian A (Surname 2) both on same page. I'm sure I've seen this situation before, but this isn't a transcript error - wife's surnames are totally...
  4. pramclub

    Schedule column on 1901

    Can someone clarify the schedule column on 1901 (first column)? I have the person I want, who was a widow. She's at the same address as another family, but has a different schedule number. However in "relationship" she's listed as wife, married. I'd expect to see boarder - she doesn't seem...
  5. pramclub

    Missing from 1901

    Thanks to a tip from someone here, I've been frantically downloading 1901/1911 census info from Ancestry UK (free access all this weekend). I have one person who I can't find on the 1901, although he's there on 1911. Walter Frederick Golesworthy, b1886 in Lambeth/Camberwell. He married in...
  6. pramclub

    Suicide shown on death cert

    Recently I was given the info that someone in my tree committed suicide. I have their death index info, died September qtr 1926 in Southwark, London, England. Will the death certificate show if this was a suicide? Or is there another way to find out? I don't really want to spend money on what...
  7. pramclub


    I can't make out the item I've marked - he's 20, so it's not "At school". Could it be "At home" - presumably unemployed or sick? This is in 1880, in Utah. Thanks!
  8. pramclub


    Saw this site on a genealogy blog - it's a bit like Pinterest, but photos only, relating them to places. Large number of museums and history organisations worldwide have already uploaded some of their archives, but there are lots of individuals too. You can create collections (photos on a...
  9. pramclub

    William Samuel ST JOHN

    I'm trying to track down William Samuel ST JOHN, born about 1798 in Devon. I have his wife and children, living at 96 Navy Row, Plymouth in the 1851 census. She is listed as married, an annuitant. I can't find him, or his death, so I'm wondering if they are separated. The only possible...
  10. pramclub

    2011 UK Census

    Was reading an article about the approaching census: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/campaign-launched-to-raise-awareness-of-census-2220867.html I wasn't aware that it was being run by US arms manufacturer Lockheed, and some of the comments have left me thinking. For example...
  11. pramclub

    Re: Research sites for UK

    Re: Research sites for UK Good sites for UK research: http://www.freebmd.org.uk/ (free transcriptions of births, marriages and deaths) http://www.freecen.org.uk/ (free transcriptions of census returns) http://www.freereg.org.uk/ (free transcriptions of parish registers - not many have been...
  12. pramclub

    Marriage cert age - "full"?

    Found a marriage cert today, where the ages of both parties looks like "full" - I can't make it look like an age. Date was about 1920 -does this simply mean that they were of legal age (ie without parental consent needed)? Or is my eyesight as bad as the writing? TIA
  13. pramclub

    Second generation researcher

    My father has spent 40 years researching his family and my mothers, so that leaves me with my husband's family! They are the Reuby family originally from Cork, and the Golesworthy's from Honiton, Devon, who all moved to London in the late 19th century. So far I've found a possible bigamist...