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    Hiya Steve, Thanks for the ships name the"Wyoming". It seems Emma came to the USA on her own. Blanch is her maiden name. I found this out from death records of two of the children on the Mormon site. On some records its spelt Blanch and others Blanche. In the English records there a few about...
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    Re: Introduction

    Re: Introduction Hiya all, My name is Norma and I come from Rhyl, North Wales, UK. I have three grown up children. I am now retired and living in Spain. I have been interested in Family History/Genealogy for about ten years now. When I lived in the UK I found it easier to find out facts about...
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    Hiya Steve, Thank you for the info but I do have this info from the Ancestry site. I was looking for info before 1890, immigration etc. or a marriage between Emma and Joseph. I cant seem to find anything. I have also tried the Mormon site but nothing there either. I dont know where to try next...
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    Hiya, Can anyone help me trace Joseph Chiovaro before 1890? He was born in Spain abt.1860. He married Emma Blanche who was born in England abt 1865. He had four daughters Edith, Daisy, Grace, and Mable. He lived in New Jersey abt 1890. Thank You:confused: