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    Age at Marriage.

    Was it usual for girls to marry at 16 in the 19th Century? What was the minimum age at which a 'child' could be married? In my tree, I have a Phoebe Rock born about 1809 - married Nov 1825 and she has a 15 year old son by the 1841 census. Thanks for your help. Michael
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    Best internet sites

    Hi everyone, Would it be possible for some of the more experienced people on here to post a list of websites which offer genealogical sources online together with the pros and cons of each? I currently subscribe to ancestry.co.uk and I find it very useful for census returns. Are there any...
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    Christening/Baptismal Record for John Allcock

    Hi everyone, Further to my earlier question about John Allcock's father not being named on his birth certificate, where is the best place (preferably online?) to find christening/baptismal records? According to his birth certificate, he was born on 4th November 1869 at 37 Brierley Lane...
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    Father not named on birth certificate

    Hi there, I'm new to all this so sorry if it's a stupid question ..... I'm researching the Allcocks in South Staffordshire. John Allcock's birth certificate of 1869 does not include a father's name, only his mother's (Sarah Allcock formerly Ball). John Allcock's marriage certificate gives his...