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    help,i,m lost (john Davidge,daveg,davage,)

    hi world, Last July i put a post on titled as above , the siotuation is still the same and i cannot find his birth said to be Ringley Lancs 1763,his sons were baptised there at st Saviours ,and he is registered as John Davidge of Outwood ,Paper maker ,any help on birth would be most welcome many...
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    help i,m lost update(John Davidge)

    : hi everyone. I have found John,s first two children,s transcript and he is registered as John Davidge of outwood ,paper maker . I now believe he died between 1792 and 1796 at Ringley Lancs ??is there some kind person who could look for me ,its possible he went back to Sheffield with wife...
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    help i,m lost update(john daveg,davage)

    hi everyone have found that john davage signed marriage register DAVEDG and wife dinah signed with a cross but still cannot find his birth info ???where do i go next ,i understand that ringley lancs records are kept at manchester archives,still i shall keep persevering ,all the best everyone...
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    still looking for John Daveg

    good morning world ,i am still looking for parents of John Daveg bn 1763 ringley ,lancs ,settled in sheffield and married Dinah Hattersley 1788 any info will help many thanks chris davage:) :) :) :) :)
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    help i'm lost

    hello i,m stuck on john davage,daveg,davidge,davige,yes its been spelt all those ways ,said to be born 1763 ringley lancs ,has shown up on all sorts of sites inc (familysearch) ,married diana hattersley 1788 ecclesfield yorks ,2 children born ringley lancs ,then settled in sheffield,but cannot...