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    Charles William Wood Born 1851, looking for his parentage.

    Hi I am looking to find out more about Charles William Wood, born 1851. In 1893 his daughter Emily (my Great Grandma) was born on the birth certificate he was a Mechanics Model Maker and lived at 8 Tootal Street, Wakefield . His wife was Mary Elizabeth Holmes (Formerly Graham) I would also...
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    Looking for Lilian Roberts born 1871

    Hi, I am trying to find who the parents of Lilian Roberts born in Leeds 1871, were. Can anyone help please? Any other details would be appreciated too.
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    Looking for Charles Wood

    Trying to find Charles Wood. He was born 1898. I have found him on the 1901 and 1911 census but would like to know where he died. I think he died about 1940. In would have been in the Leeds area.
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    Looking for information.

    I am looking for some more information. Charlie Walsh possibly wakefield area. Thought to be the father of Joyce Gudgeon born 1929 Florence Gudgeon and Horace Gudgeon thought to maybe be Joyce's official parents. Joyce was born in Bradford, Yorkshire.
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    Looking for information.

    I am looking for any information on an Edward Farrer who was born around 1877 in Lancaster. He married someone called Jane who I think was born in 1879 in Bradford.:)
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    Trying to find

    I am trying to further my knowledge of my family history. Wonder if anyone can help, please? William Cranston born around 1873 in Bradford. Looking for his parents. He married Sarah Jane Middow who was also born around 1873 in Bradford. Wood also like to know who her parents were.
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    Looking for Sparks family from London area.

    My dad is called Ramon John Sparks. He comes from the London area. His sister was Renee. His father was called Stanley and his mother was Agnes Marion (could have been the other way round) her maiden name was Hubbard who came from Sunderland. My father was born in 1930 7th Nov. His mum died...
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    Looking for Cranston family in Bradford, West Yorkshire

    I am trying to find some details about my husbands family. His father was Norman Middow Cranston.He died in 1983 in Bradford. He was born about 1925 we think. His father was called Arthur Cranston and his mother Edith. We know that somewhere along the line were some Riley's but don't know how...
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    Looking for Russell in Leeds.

    My mums maiden name was Russell. My Grandad lived in Leeds. He died in Bradford 1988. His name was Norman Russell. He had a sister called Nellie, and brothers George and Horrace. does anyone know this family history?
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    Looking for Furbank family fom York

    My great granparents were called Furbank and lived in york. does anyone know anything about them?
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    Gudgeon anyone know that name?

    I am trying to piece together my husbands maternal family. His mum was Joyce Gudgeon born 27th, August 1929. She lived in Bradford West Yorkshire. She had a sister called Ivy. I know that she was sent to live in Colne, Lancs. for a period of time during the war years. Does anyone out there have...
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    Hi, I'm new here.

    Just joined the site. My name is Carol.:)