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  1. Foxyloxy

    Looking for a marriage

    I am looking for a marriage of Nellie Clements and Mr Barker between 1911-1933 Nellie Clements, born in Rutland in 1889, moved to Nottinghamshire where she is in 1901, 1911, she is working in Bulwell in 1911, then nothing until she gets married in 1933 in Glasgow Scotland and is a widow of a Mr...
  2. Foxyloxy

    Adoption query

    Confused! Nosy? Maybe just over thinking! When I was younger I was always told that my mums cousin was " adopted" and the story went they had three boys and wanted a girl so adopted one Their boys were born 1935, 1939 and 1943, she was "adopted" in 1944 Recently I was doing some research and...
  3. Foxyloxy

    William Moss Northamptonshire

    I am looking for information about William Moss b1Q 1838 Brixworth 15 248 Baptised Cold Ashby Northampton 1 April 1838 parents Thomas Moss and Ann (Dobson) 1841 3 yrs Cold Ashby, Northants 1851 13 yrs Cold Ashby, Northants Then he disappears:mad::mad: Potential: 1857-1859 The Indian Mutiny...
  4. Foxyloxy

    Lincolnshire/Yorkshire or where?

    Samuel Blay born (15) and Baptised(22) Feb 1819 Stickney Lincolnshire 5 Jan 1836 Lincolnshire Criminal Registers 15 Aug 1839 First went to sea 1 Aug 1845 lived at 1 Duke St Hull Yorkshire Occupation 'Riverman' Merchant Navy 'out' 1847 'home' 1848 The last mention of his name is some sort of...
  5. Foxyloxy

    Ancestors' sibling seems to disappear

    I have a baptism in Stickney Lincolnshire in 22 Feb 1819, his name was Samuel Blay, couldn't find a marriage, couldn't find a death then I found an image of a parish record I had tucked away in a folder, although no date is visible on it, it is after 1855 and likely to be a village census in...
  6. Foxyloxy

    A half sibling of an ancestor!

    I have 'found' a half sibling to an ancestor who I was not told about and not sure if they knew to tell me, so information is limited to what I have found up to now. I would be very grateful for any help finding more. All the Eleanor Woodend info I know is correct but would love to find more...
  7. Foxyloxy

    Great Aunt Ellen

    A wonderful if not very 'strange' lady, she diffinately would have been convicted as a witch if she had been born earlier...as a young child I remember her family stories which facinated me and how wild birds and animals would find their way to her door to be fed or cared for, so it wasn't...
  8. Foxyloxy

    Watson/Woodend Co Durham

    Looking for information:confused: 1851 census HO107 2382 folio 709 Wheat Sheaf Morton Palms County Durham (registered in Darlington civil registration district) William Watson 47 Head Widower Ag labourer Greatham Durham Margaret Watson 18 Daughter Middlesex If the baptism is correct William's...
  9. Foxyloxy

    George Groom Suffolk

    I need some help, in looking at the information I already have, fresh eyes and ideas and help via records anyone holds for Suffolk I am looking for George Groom baptism/parents/siblings. Born c1802 1827 George married Amelia (Emily) Kemp from Dickleborough Norfolk in St Margarets Tivetshall...
  10. Foxyloxy

    Wilkinson...Rearsby or Birstall baptism?

    On freebmd she is written as 'WILKINSON, Frances Mary' On census I have seen she is always written as Frances 1851, 1861, 1871 census states she is born in Rearsby Leicester 1881 census she is 63yrs and place of birth shows as Birstall, Leicester, She is living in Rearsby in all census...
  11. Foxyloxy

    Castle Donington Leic marriage

    Looking for :( information about William Dakin and Harriet :confused: there is nothing on freeregs. I think Williams parents are George and Maria Dakin (nee Topliss) 1871 RG10 Piece:3550 Folio:46 Page:9 DAKIN, William Head M 45 1826 Castle Donington Leicestershire Boatman DAKIN, Harriott Wife...
  12. Foxyloxy

    1881 and 1871 look up please

    Hannah Dakin b 1864 Castle Donington leicester 1881 RG11 piece/folio: 3384 / 4 page number: 2 aged 17 years Cheviner, lodger in Clap Gun St Castle Donington Also 1871 when hopefully she is with her parents Could someone please look up complete house-hold for me please Foxy
  13. Foxyloxy

    6 Illegitimate children?

    Sarah Webb Castle Donington Leicester b c1823 1851 census states unmarried with 2 chilrdren (Castle Donnington - High St) 1861? 1871 census states unmarried (RG10 3550 5 3 castle Donington ) 1 Feb 1879 died aged 56yrs St: Edward King & Martyr. Castle Donington Occupation Spinner and then...
  14. Foxyloxy

    Ann Osbourne Rutland

    Ann Osbourne married Benjamin Clements in Exton Rutland 1799, they lived, had their family and died in Exton, Ann died in 1854. In the 1851 census she states her birth place as Market Overton, Rutland and is aged 86 years making her birth date c1765. Could someone do a look up on the Market...
  15. Foxyloxy

    Just to say hi

    Just found you while lurking online, so having now spent sometime looking around thought I would say hello and then see if I can get some fresh eyes on breaking a few brickwalls O0