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    Consecrated/unconsecrated ground

    My 2x great grandmother Jemima Adelaide is buried in the Welford road cemetary in Leicester with her 1st husband Henry Lee Quilter,her 2nd husband William Hanson & 1 of her sons Henry Edward Quilter, it is unconsecrated ground. In another plot in the same cemetary is Jemimas step daughter...
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    occupation on cert

    Can anyone please decipher what this occupation is for Henry Quilter,its from a marriage cert for 1847 .
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    Charles Henry Jackson

    I don’t know where or when Charles was born,the first record I have is his marriage cert. Sept 20th 1847 St Pancras Church Middlesex Charles Henry Jackson,full age,Bachelor,Upholsterer,Father William Jackson,Baker. Sarah Quilter,full age,Spinster,father Henry Quilter,deceased. The next record is...
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    Hi Everyone,I live in Canberra Australia although I was born in Leicester UK,I started my family history about 10 years ago & ive made a lot of progress if the amount of paperwork I have is anything to go by,Ive managed to solve a few mysteries along the way, one by an incredible stroke of luck...