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    I'm Back

    Hello All I was a member on here about 2 year ago, well I'v come back, to carry on with my family history, but 'Yes' brick walls still exist. :2fun::2fun: Annie
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    Hit a big brick wall

    Hi Researching Harrison family trying to find Samual Harrison born abt 1849 believed to be the father of James Harold Harrison. And Sarah Harrison Born 1670 wife of Thomas Burrows Born 1666 cannot find any Harrison connection to Sarah??. Any help would be rearly appreciated thank you...
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    Adopted Children

    Hi all Trying to find the adopted children of Alexander Bert Miles Born 1913. and Mary J. Miles (Nee: Llewellyn) Married 1939. Where is the best place to start looking ?. Gratefull for any advice / help. Thank you Gooch1920
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    Military Service???

    Hi Did George Gooch b. Sep Q 1893 serve in the forces the following is the only info I have on him:- George Gooch married Gladys W Townsend Jun Q 1922 Edmonton This is George's family Brothers / sisters Gertrude Gooch Daughter 24 Blouse Fitter b. Lowestoft James Gooch Son 19 Carman b...
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    Did He Serve

    Hi all This is my G/dad I was wondering if there are any service records for him, no one ever spoke of him being in the Army etc. Thank you for any help. George Gooch b. Sep Q 1893 Wood Green Middlessex l.Plates
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    To Bill.M (Re: Miles 1880's)

    To Bill Thomas and Gertrude Miles were the parents of my late Grandad ( Reginald Bertie Miles). He died when I was a kid, I rearly have very little info on any other members of the family, I do recall my Grandad talking about his brothers Donald and Harold. Thomas Miles and Gertrude Miles were...
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    MILES Alice 1898

    Hi all Looking for marriage of MILES Alice 1898 Islington, London Daughter of Thomas Miles and Gertrude Miles Thank you Gooch1920
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    Trying To Fill In The Gaps

    Hi all Trying to fill in the gaps of the Miles family Tree, Alice Miles 1898 Islington London Ida G Miles 1887 Islingon London Ruby Miles 1888 Islington London I think Alice Miles was an Aunty who was very old when I was a kid and she married a gentleman I only knew as Uncle Vic, But I could...
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    Trying To Trace Ancestors

    Hi Trying to trace the family of Arthur Kirk 1941 Edmonton, Middx Thanks Ann
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    Dennis Harold Gooch 1928

    Hi Trying to trace an ancestor Dennis Harold Gooch Born 1928 Mother belived to be Gladys Winnifred Townsend Father George Gooch also had two brothers. Thanks Ann
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    5780/53216 Private Donald Frank Miles.

    Hi Trying to find service records for 5780/53216 Private Donald Frank Miles, 15th London Regiment. Brother of Serjeant Harold Clive Miles and son of Reginald Bertie Miles who both served in the war. Thank you Ann
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    Trying to find Marriage

    Hi I am trying to find the marriage of Phyllis Miles Born 1922, she is an aunty I have never met as she ran away when she was young, I have been told she got married, we think it was to a Arthur Kirk in 1941, but I have been unable to find any records of this. Phyllis mothers maiden name was...
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    Miles 1880's

    Hi Trying to find out as much as possible about my ancestors from my mum's side of the family. Head - Thomas Miles Perth Road Stroud Green. Wife - Gertrude Miles Donald F R Miles 1886 Alice C Miles Islington London Arthur S Miles Islington London Ruby Miles Islington London Ida Miles...
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    This may be impossible

    Hi I am trying to find an Auntie I have never seen, she ran away when she was a teenager. Phylis Miles between 1925 & 1930 (Guessing) Sister of Betty Elvina Gooch 1930 nee Miles Sister of Patricia Miles Step sister of Jean Gertrude Miles Step sister of Alexandra Bert Miles Daughter of...
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    Eric Taylor 1926 W. Derby

    Hi all Trying to trace Eric Taylor married Lillian May Harrison Born Sept Qtr 1890, from W. Derby area, had a daughter Called Audrey Born approx June 1927. Thank you Ann
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    Reginald Bertie Miles to Nellie Elvina Carter

    Hi all Trying to find the marriage of my Grandparents Reginald Bertie Miles to Nellie Elvina Carter. This would have been the second marriage of Reginald Bertie Miles his first wife was Willamina H Mcbride. which is the only records I can find. Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers Ann
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    James Gooch 1852

    Hi all Trying to find out if James Gooch 1852 is a Ancestor. He could possibly have been the father of George Gooch who was the Husband of Gladys Winnifred Townsend 1901. George Gooch and Gladys had three son's Dennis Harold Gooch 1928 George Robert Gooch 1923 William Gooch known as Bill...
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    A Big Thank You

    Hi all This just to say a big thank you for all the help I have had from members, I only joined the FHUK a couple of days ago, and the response has been teriffic. Thank you all. Ann:)
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    Serjeant Harold Clive Miles

    Hi Researching my ancestors, interested in military records for Serjeant Harold Clive Miles Born 1884c 7735 1st Bn Kings Own Yourkshire Light Infantry. Brother of Reginald Bertie Miles Born 1882 Thank you Ann
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    Hello All

    Hi all I'm new to this site and would just like to say hello, I am from London, and a beginner in genealogy. I hope to be able to chat with you all and learn some tips on how too trace my ancestors, as all i seem too do is hit brick walls. Regards Ann