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    Double Wedding?

    My grandfather and his sister were both married in 1904 and have the same quarter, volume and page number in the register. I'm guessing that it's the same quarter rather than the same day as I would have thought it would take more than one day's weddings to fill a page. Then again I think...
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    Trip to Egypt

    I've just come across some scant information about a William Hollylee who was a passenger on the Suwa Maru ship bound for Japan via Port Said in 1927. I don't know if this was a holiday trip or if he was travelling for any other reason. His occupation is mention as 15/19 Hussars. I'd like to...
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    Domesday Book

    http://www.domesdaybook.co.uk/index.html Some parts still under construction but does have some interesting facts and a glossary of terms which may help with place names.
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    Times online archive

    The Times newspaper has just put its archive online. You can view all their newspapers from the lst edition up to 1985 www.timesonline.co.uk archive top right of page
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    Family Tree Entries

    Hello, Wonder if anyone could tell me the best way to add some family information into my tree. My great grand parents x 5 had a son and daughter who married the daughter and son of my other great grand parents x 5. I've realised that if I include the parents of both these couples I will be...
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    John Rich

    Hello, I wonder if anyone could help me find the marriage details of a John Rich c1818 born in Knockholt He was married to Elizabeth c1824 born in Edenbridge. It looks as though their eldest child was born c1845 I did find a John Rich married in 1845 in Malling but I don't know how to cross...
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    Victorian London Streets and Maps

    I find both these sites helpful when I can't find a particular street, or am having trouble reading a census return. http://homepage.ntlworld.com/hitch/gendocs/ This lists not only London Streets, but institutions, churches, professions, pubs and more...