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  1. bootnecksbs

    ANTIQUARIAN Map Archive

    Hi Fellow Researchers, I've not been active for a while (in more ways than one!) but have just come across this website which maybe of use to someone. http://www.probertencyclopaedia.com/photolib/maps/index.html All the maps have been scanned,cleaned and digitised from old out of copy...
  2. bootnecksbs

    HERALDY Information

    Hi Fellow Researchers, Longtime no see...... Anyway, came across this website whilst looking for something completely unrelated to family research-thought it may be of use to someone. http://www.probertencyclopaedia.com/heraldry.htm Regards, Max
  3. bootnecksbs

    Llanno - Who ???

    Hiya Fellow Researchers, Long time no see - so to speak...hope the research is going well. I have a big problem in trying to find a wife of an ancestor. Herbert Francis FEAVER b.1896 (baptised 31 May 1896) in Benenden to Alfred FEAVER (1850-1936) and Anne Elizabeth MACEY (1855-1914) was...
  4. bootnecksbs

    Free Access To FMP During World Cup

    Hi Fellow Researchers I got an e-mail from from Find My Past offering free access to anyone valid during England games only for the duration of the World Cup (mind you that could be just 3 more games!...but that's another subject not for this Forum) "When England play,you don't pay: 30...
  5. bootnecksbs

    CHECK available Transcriptions etc on online Websites

    Hi Fellow Researchers, Yep me again with a warning...I promise you I'm not so thick I don't no what I'm doing but......! Anyone taking a subsription out with thegenealo website........ CHECK the areas that have been transcribed BEFORE paying as I have just joined only to discover they don't...
  6. bootnecksbs

    HELP...When, Where and Why Did They Die?

    Hi Fellow Researchers, I have hit a brick wall in finding the date,location and reason my G.G.G Father and his wife died and 'am appealing to anyone who can assist. I have the following info: Allen BACON c.1849 -? Eliza Prior c.1846-...
  7. bootnecksbs

    Where didx They Die?

    Hi Fellow Researchers, I'm appealing to those of you who are much more savant then myself to assist in finding the deaths (and any other info if poss) on the following of my ancestors. My Grandfather John Henry BACON c.1901 Westhampnett, West Sussex, his wife was Violet Blanche BACON c.1908...
  8. bootnecksbs

    WARNING- Check Your Sources!

    Dear Fellow Researchers, I would just like to offer a warning for those starting out researching their ancestors. Over the last 4/5 months I have invested a lot of time and money researching my family. I joined an online website, purchased around 12 certificates and spent hours compiling my...
  9. bootnecksbs

    Hi Fellow Researchers

    Hi my name's Martin, my user name is bootnecksbs which may give you an idea what I was doing for 20 years before my luck ran out and forced an early retirement. :mad: Stuck in a wheelchair and bored to death what to do? :confused: My father-in-law asked me to research his family tree which...