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    Christmas Greetings

    Hi All I would like to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a Healthy, Prosperous, and Peaceful New Year. I am going to be very busy from now on, and thought I had better get this on before I forgetl At least I have just managed to find someone to clear my large drive of snow 6-8ins deep...
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    How long is it going to take ?

    Hi All When is the time travel on this site going to get fixed ? It must be 2 weeks since it started. I for one , have had enough :mad::mad: Anyone else find it irritating ? Maddie
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    Time travel

    Hi All Is anyone else still having time problems ? Mods. Is anyone trying to sort it out, please ? In anticipation, thank you Maddie
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    Alfred M A Sparrow

    Hi Anthony I have started a new thread, as yours was getting lost with the other request. 1901 Census Alfred Sparrow 22.Servant Asst. Cook in a Coffee House b. St Pancras Living at 175 City Road Shoreditch Ref. RG13/0271/F91 P 179 When I have a bit more time I will see what else I can find...
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    Forum Home Page

    Hi Admin I do like the new Home page layout. It covers more of the new postings in one go !! Thank you Maddie
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    Hi all In case you are with the G..........sit site. It is not working properly, so I am afraid I cannot look up anything at the moment Sorry folks Maddie
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    Tennis, anyone ?

    Anyone watch the Tennis last night ? What an amazing 5th set at 58 games each. They looked so weary at the end when it was postponed. If they manage to get out of bed this am it will be a miracle. John McEnroe thought they should have had the medics out , long before it ended for the night...
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    Welcome, Glen

    Hi Glen It is nice to see you online again. I have read your posts and am delighted that you are enjoying your studies. It is such a pity that our time differences play havoc with postings. Enjoy your time off Maddie
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    Happy Birthday, Karen

    50 today !! Congratulations, and I hope that I have not missed the day down under ! The thought was there ! Maddie
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    Lost London 1870 - 1945

    This book ( Coffee Table ) is a fantastic collection of photographs from the collection of English Heritage. I was sent the information by Foyles, and then found that if you went through the Times Bookshop it was cheaper. £26. It is well worth the money. It covers all areas of London, many...
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    Do you live in Dunkeld, Scotland

    I have just found out that Chris's great x 14? were buried in Dunkeld. They were James 7th Lord of Derby and his wife Charlotte de la Tremouille, grandaughter of Willem 1 Prince of Orange. If there is anyone out there who could make enquiries for me, I would be grateful. I am just hoping...
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    Manchester Parish Records

    Hi All Is there anyone out there with some experience pre 1837 who could look something up in the Manchester Record office ? Are they available from elsewhere online ? It would be nice if we could help someone in America on limited means to search for her ancestors. Please help Maddie
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    School and College Registers

    Hi Everyone I have just stumbled on an Aladdin's cave !! If your ancestors went to a Grammar, Public School , or University the following site has 381 books on this very subject. Lists of pupils etc. www.stellabooks.com I have just found one where my ancestors went to school in Carlyle. The...
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    Census reference numbers

    Evening All Can anyone tell me how I can input Census ref. numbers on G...........t to come up with the right details so that I can see them. There does not seem to be anywhere to put them. I have tried putting them in the space "any other details " and nothing happens, and I cannot see...
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    Scotlandspeople Roman Catholic Records

    Hi Julie Thank you for posting the above availability of records. I wish they were of help where we were looking, but the family appear to be Presbyterian and those records are with the General Records of Scotland and are not available at this moment, only by personal visit or using a...
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    WDYTYA Lecture

    This morning I was lucky enough to listen to a lecture given by Dr. Nick Barrett of the above programme. He was so interesting and amusing, that the hour flew past. He started as a student and doctorate in 13C History. He found after he qualified that there were no jobs for what he had...
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    Pre 1837 Parish Records for Kent

    Hi All Is there anyone out there who has a private CD or printed records of the above records who could help Alan on Introduce Yourself forum ? Maddie
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    University of Giessen re Jefferiss

    Having emailed the university at the weekend. I had a reply today !! From the Archivist- Robert Reubens Jefferiss qualified at the University of Giessen on the 8th April 1842 as a Doctor of Medicine,but he was not matriculated as a student at our University. From Franz Kossler work Annals of...
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    New Zealand Immigration Lists

    Hi Everyone Can anyone point me in the direction of how to find if Hector Jefferis moved to NZ in the early - mid 1800's? Maddie
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    Information on the Jefferiss family

    Hi Everyone I contacted the cousin who was on television, and I have reams of stuff to sort out on the Jefferiss clan. Still no clues regarding Robert, other than what I already know. Hector his brother, left home in 1824 ? New Zealand. He was born on Maundy Thursday,7th Aproil 1803. The...