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    Searching for descendants

    I am seeking any in formation about the name Gartland. My gt aunt Grace Gagan (her original surname was Geoghan but had been changed to Gagan when she was sent to Canada in 1885) She was sent to Ontatio where she married in 1894 to Augustus Gartland, they had several children sadly a number of...
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    Elusive gt grandmother

    I have now arrived at a conclusion about my gt grandmother, that unless I can find a clue or someone can recognise her from my description, I will never find her. She was Mary Hannah Copeland born 1850 in Derby, she married George Nelson Grant , he came from Edinburgh Scotland, I have no idea...
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    My gt grandfather George Nelson Grant born 1841 in Edinurgh died 1913 Derby I would love to contact anyone else researching this name, of the family originating in Edinburgh
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    Seeking anyone with connection to Blanche Eileen Mitchell, father, John Mitchell I believe she may have been born about 1892 but not sure I have no further knowledge about her family
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    Does anyone have any links to the name of PADDISON My gt grandmother was Louisa Paddison born in Stafford, she married Stephen Geoghan born in Galweay Ireland Sometime after 1871 there was no trace of him until 1901 In 1881 Louisa and her children were in the Stoke on Trent workhouse, I assume...
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    I have been searching for some years now to hopefully find anyone who knows of the GEOGHANS possibly from Galway My gt grandfather was Stephen Geoghan born abt 1841, he came to Stafford, date unknown, and married Louisa Paddison In 1881 she and her children were in the Stoke on Trent...
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    Useful new site/very good

    Hi Thought some of you may like to try out this new site I have just discovered, its very good especiallyi f you are trying to find if an ancestor emigrated, gives details of their name spouse chidren etc Covers all countries http://pilot.familysearch.org/records/start.html#p=O
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    What does this mean?

    Iam researching the army career of my gt uncle in India and in one instance where he is mentioned on the Military accounts Dept in India his name indicates the following letters his name is Lt.G.N.Grant I.A.R.O. and the office is given as Field C.M.A. Poona Can anyone tell me what the...
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    Elusive gr grandmother

    I have been searching for my gt grandmother`s death with no success I have tried searching under her married name & also maiden name but nothing She was born 1850 in Derby and married George Nelson Grant. They appear to have separated in or after 1881.By1891 George had a new "wife" but I have...
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    Sedeking information about GORDON GRAHAM STUART STRINGER born Jan 1918 in Brightlingsea. His mother`s name was Blanche nee Fraser. His half-brother`s widow would love to make contact with anyone who knows/knew him, to discuss details about the (Jarvis) family Here`s hoping!
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    Sorry for long absence

    Hi Sorry for my long absence, caused by health problems. However, feeling better now and hopefully will visit a bit more often. Just going to have a browse around now to see what I have been missing!
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    A bit lost!

    What a problem, I now know I am going do lally!!! I just could not find anywhere to post a message, I just could NOT see where I could click on to post a new thread Now I have found one (where was I then, in a dream world!!!) Anyway, I have been absent for some time because I have been ill...
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    GRANT Edinburgh

    I am seeking contact with anyone researching GRANT My ancestors on the Scottish side begins with GEORGE GRANT from Edinburgh I know very little about them really and would love to make contact with anyone else who may be researching this family. I have started with George Grant b. abt 1791 &...
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    Brick wall help needed, can you...

    How does one go about trying to trace someone, without knowing their surname? My gt grandparents George Nelson Grant and Mary Hannah nee Copeland, appear to have split up and and taken other partners in or after 1881. George Nelson by 1891 had new "wife" Annie and until after 1901 were living...
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    Can anyone help with this name please? My gt grandfather, Stephen Geoghan, was born I think in Galway about 1841, son of Lawrence Geoghan. This may not have been their surname when in Ireland, but this is the name recorded on Stephen`s marriage document and on the census. I know so little...
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    Boer War 1901

    I am trying to find out in which Regiment my paternal grandfather may have been in. I only know that in the 1901 census (Scotland) his wife was described as "a soldiers wife reservist" and I guess he must have been serving during the Boer War then. However, I have no idea of which regiment he...
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    :'( Is anyone out there researching the COPELAND family? I am desperate to trace the death of my gt grandmother MARY HANNAH GRANT(nee Copeland) She disappears after 1881. I traced her there on the Scottish census, she was in Perth with husband and daughter(my grandmother Mabel) then nothing...
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    BARR Greenock

    :p Seeking any descendants of the BARR family from Greenock Searching for information about my paternal grandfather JAMES BARR son of Neil Barr and Janet (nee Cameron) James married SARAH BOYD in 1896 I have so far learnt of 3 children Neil, Catherine & Cameron On the 1901 census Sarah was...
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    Seeking PADDISON

    :) I`m seeking contact with anyone else who may be researching the name :-* of PADDISON especially seeking any information about my gt grandmother LOUISA PADDISON (she could also have been recorded as PaTTison, because she was illiterate, her surname has been recorded at various times as...
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    Scottish 1851/61 census information help please?

    At present I am researching , or trying to-piece together the life of my gt gt grandparents, however there are many gaps because I do not have access to information on the census for 1851 & 61, this would at least fill out some of the information needed, such as where they were living and also...