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  1. J

    cleaning tombstones

    Hi everyone, sorry I haven't been here in awhile:( , but I am hoping that you all help me. I been to a cemetery that has 5 generations of my family in it:) , some of the tombstones are so bad that I can not even read them:'( . I need a couple of things one how to read some that are so corroded...
  2. J

    I liked this warning

    This was sent to me and I though this was funny, since I haven't been able to contribute much lately I figured I might as make some smile:) Joyce
  3. J


    Okay everyone how ru able to attach photos or documents on this site:confused: everytime I have tried to attach anything here it does not work. Joyceeek)
  4. J

    chesse and cracker

    Mother "Jamie I need to you to go to the store and pick up some cheese and cracker please hurry our company will be here soon, and do not get your clothes dirty!!! Jamie runs out of store slips and falls into mud cries "jesus christ almighty" A Mininster that was walking by at the time looks...
  5. J

    Catherine Mc Sweeney

    This is my great grandmother on my mother's side this is all I have, Catherine Mc Sweeney birth 06 Oct 1894 Cort, Ireland Death 06 Sep 1970 North Bay, Oneida, NY, USA Husband Ernest Heller 02 Feb 1891,Utica, Oneida, New York, USA death 31 Dec 1970, North Bay, Oneida, NY, USA my g grandfather...
  6. J

    wood again

    :'( :confused: :'( :confused: HELP:'( :'( :'( First just so everyone knows, I don't need censuses I have all I could find, unless Wales has the 1911 ones out. I have birth registeries of alot of the and marriage registery of thomas and Sarah, Don't have christing records I have found out...
  7. J

    were obits popular in wales in 1957

    Since I have hit a brick wall :'( and don't seen to get back any further, I keep tring for unconvensional ways to get more informationeek) , so here is my question, how popular were the obits in wales in 1957, did everyone have one written up at that time or not. My grandfather who died in...
  8. J

    Thomas Wood death

    I know that my great grandfather died in 1957 at the age of 93, he is buried in the pont Robert Church cemetery, Montgomery, Wales, I have a picture of the tomb stone, where would I be able to get a copies of the records, obits ect... I know here that the cemeteries here keep records or can tell...
  9. J

    census look ups

    Hello I will also gladly look up whatever I can find for others. Just put whatever information you have and I will gladly see what I can find. :)
  10. J

    internet link to newspapers in Wales Montgomery county area

    This is guess would be for members who may live in Wales:confused: , I have an internet friend that actually placed something in the newpaper in Wales for me once:) . I know she paid for it and as much as I appreciate what she did, I don't want her paying for anything like that again, so I...
  11. J

    A wonderful holiday story

    Over a year ago a friend of my daughter's was at my house while I was on ancestery.com. She wanted me to post something for her about some older sisters that her mother had before she was born and taken away. This morning I had a response from one of her sisters. She had at that time just...
  12. J


    I know this might seem like a stupid questions but what is the IGI?
  13. J

    wood from montgomery Wales

    I have found out more since I last asked for help so I am going to add what I have posted on ancestary and see if anyone from here may be able to help. Sarah Jane Jones (abt 1868 died jan 6 1939) Thomas Wood (abt 1864 died march 4 1957)married nov 27 1886,montgomery county, both father's first...
  14. J


    Would anyone know this? I order 3 different birth registery's but when they came I only received 2, could that be because the 3rd one was not the person that I was looking for and the names of the parents didn't match? has anyone had this happened to them? And is that the reason why?
  15. J

    are they real or fiction, what do you think

    :confused: Here is a question, I have spent many months tring to find and build my family tree just on my mother's fathers side and have joined everything I can that would get me more information, but I am still just in the 1800's. Now an aunt on my fathers side had paid to have a tree of his...
  16. J

    thomas wood and sarah jane jones

    thomas and sarah were married in 1886 wales, I have sent for a copy of their marriage cert. They 11 children, William E, Evan H, George H, Thomas H, John S, Sarah J, Harry, Hartwell, Herbert, Edwin and Walter. I am pretty sure this information is correct, what I would like, is to go deeper into...
  17. J

    finding information

    all my immediate family is kind of in the same boat, that includes immediate cousins, I have gotten the furtherest but that is still very little. I have my grandfathers name birthday (gotten a certified copy of entry of birth) year that he came usa, year he got married, and date of death. Also...
  18. J

    walter j wood, thomas H wood, sarah jane jones wood

    Grandfather walter wood born 3, may 1909, county of montgomery, registration district llanfyllin, birth in sub district of llanfair. parents thomas wood, sarah jane wood (Jones), came to Oneida county usa 1928, married evelyn Heller 1933, died in 25,dec 1938 in car accident. Had 5 borther...