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    Good website host for a one name study

    I'm beginning to conduct a one name study and want to put together a website to contain all of my research. I use Blogger and planned on writing a blog there to track the research, but I need more flexibility to produce the kind of website I want. I have some basic website building knowledge so...
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    Difficult to read occupation

    Difficult to read occupation - No. 2 Hi, thought I might as well edit this post with a new occupation that I can't read! I've attached the image. Someone else on the page seems to also be a farmer but underneath it says 'boy in door'. Mine says '?? door labourer' Any ideas what it means?
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    I was just wondering if anyone could find a Hannah Jane Carr in the 1911 census? I can see her name in Bridlington on the 1911 census site, but I can't find the right family on Ancestry :( Maybe she's visiting someone whose name isn't Carr? Thank you!
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    I have just received a copy of the probate (I assume). It calls the deceased 'intestate' so I was wondering what that meant? Also, his father in law and brother in law are listed as sureties - what does that mean as well? I did a quick forum search but I appear to be the only one confused :)
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    Norman Elders

    I've just discovered my great grandfather had a brother that may have been born after their father died. I've ordered his birth certificate but just wondering if someone could locate him in 1911? Unfortunately it would appear after the death of John the family got split up, with the mother in...
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    Harriet Pickup

    I'm trying to find Harriet Pickup in the 1891 census and I have come across a Hornet Pickup (as translated by anc..)and just want to see if anyone else agrees with my assumption this must be Harriet. The head of the household is almost certainly her brother, but I just want to make sure! Also...
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    Secretary to a Public Company - Which company? (1904)

    Just got my ancestors death certificate from 1904 (aged 31, grrr pneumonia!) and it states he was secretary to a public company. I know today you have to name your secretary's at Companies House - just wondering if that database is searchable?
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    John Redvers Elders

    I just received the marriage certificate for John Redvers Elders and his wife Teresa Wiseman and it's thrown up a couple of questions. I've ordered their birth certificates to find their exact birth dates and parents names, but until those certificates arrive I was trying to find them on the...
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    Blank, printable 1911 census

    Hi! I'm planning on hand-writing out data found in censuses so I know what information I have found, and so I can write it legibly! I've found blank forms for all the censuses apart from the 1911 one and that's the one I can't save and so most want to make a copy of! I've printed some off but...
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    Teresa Wiseman

    Hi! I'm trying to track my great grandmother and I'm having problems! I can't find her in the 1901 census and I have found a birth record in 1894 but I'm not sure if it's her... She marries John Redvers Elders in 1926, and he was born 1900, but obviously that's post the census data. It's...
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    Another newbie!!

    Hi! I started looking into my family history last summer but now think I'll have another go as I'll have some more free time! Family is spread everywhere! Elders and Cowton from North Yorkshire, Whittaker from Blackley, Manchester and Rawlings from Norfolk! Currently just doing my research via...