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    Missing birth

    Hi after a break from researching my family I am back but still trying to find my great great grandfather Francis Bradley,on all the censuses he states he was born 1841 Kidderminster but I still can’t find his birth record maybe he wasn’t born in Kidderminster at all.Its seems his mother was...
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    Unusual birth certificate

    Hi all just been given my grans birth certificate it's not on normal paper and on the back it's got the factories act.The front is not written in pink any ideas anyone thanks Paul
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    Old street names

    Hi just got back a marriage certificate for my g g grandad does anybody now where i can find old street names in Kidderminster as it is very hard to read the street names at the time of marriage, the marriage was 1862.Many thanks Paul
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    Birth Record - Francis Bradley

    Hi i wonder if anybody could help,i recently applied for a birth certificate for Francis Bradley born 1841 Kidderminster. They said they searched between 1840 and 1842 but could not find the birth.On all the census i have checked says birth 1841 Kidderminster could the census be wrong three or...
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    Prison records

    Hi all in the 1911 census my great grandfather Charles Bradley shows up as a prisoner how can i find out what his crime was.
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    Bradley family

    Hi everyone is there anybody out there researching the Bradley family history from the Kidderminster area
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    help with date of birth

    Hi everyone i have just joined family history uk and would like some help on my grandfathers true date of birth.His birth certificate says 27/10/1901,death certificate 27/10/1900,marriage certificate 1903 and army book 1902.Which one would be most accurate.Many thanks Paul