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    John William Cheney on 1881 Census with Parents RG11 Piece/Folio 3153/96 Page 43 8 Payne Street Belgrave Leicester Richard F Cheeney Head Age 21 Born Leicester ~ Shoe Finisher Clara Cheeney Wife Age 22 Born Mill Bridge York John W Cheeney Age 2 Born Leicester Emma Cheeney Age 10 mths Born...
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    Emma Cheney & William Lowe Marriage June Qrt 1925 Leicester Vol 7a Page 731 Mabel Ann Hardy Death Mabel A Cheney Age 24 Dec Qrt 1814 Ashby De La Zouch district Vol 7a Page 130 A Couple of births for Cheney with mothers maiden name Hardy Leslie W Cheney Dec Qrt 1912 Ashby De La Zouch district...
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    Hi Free BMD has these marriages John William Cheney & Florence Emily Fawkes Sept Qrt 1900 Leicester Vol 7a Page 564 John William Cheney March Qrt 1907 Leicester Vol 7a Page 426 two names listed on page could be either Elizabeth Bevans Elizabeth Whetton There are 3 births for Cheney with...
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    Durward Brown

    Hi Bexhill On Sea also know as just Bexhill is a seaside town in the county of East Sussex on the south coast of England
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    Ethel Gage

    Hi IGI has this extracted from records entry Ethel Gage Cristening 14 Sept 1875 Durhan England Parents George Gage & Mary Ann Possible marriage George Gage & Mary Ann Wilson 6 June 1870 East Rainton Durham George's father listed as Joseph Gage 1881 Census RG11 Piece/Folio 4920/12 Page...
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    My Great Grandmother Mary Bayliss

    Can't find Christening for Mary Baylis 1861 Possible siblings of Mary & children of Samuel Baylis & Eliza ~ Note the name again is spelt Bailess Maria Bailess Christening 27 Aug 1864 Barlestone Leicestershire Death 8 Aug 1871 Susanna Bailess Christening 9 March 1871 Barlestone...
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    My Great Grandmother Mary Bayliss

    William Bailess & Ann seem to have had several children all christened on the same day as Samuel. Christening 16 March 1831 Nailstone Leicestershire George Bailess Age 2 Born Abt 1829 Thomas Bailess Age 7 Born Abt 1824 Mary Bailess Age 9 Born Abt 1822 James Bailess Age 2 Born Abt 1826 Twin of...
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    My Great Grandmother Mary Bayliss

    Hi IGI has the following extracted from records information. Sameul Baylis & Eliza Brown Marriage 17 Nov 1852 Barlestone Leicestershire Possible Christening for Samuel Baylis 1826. Note the Surname is spelt Bailess Samuel Bailess Christening 16 March 1831 Nailstone Leicestershire. Samuel was...
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    Looking for Marriage Jeremaihy Jefford to Mary Ann

    Hi IGI has an extracted from records entry Jeremiah Jefford & Mary Ann Ellwood marriage 15 Oct 1864 Frogmore Herford England
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    Help with James family from Cornwall

    Hi IGI has these extracted from records entries for children of a Richard James & Peggy Mary Ann James Christened 16 May 1830 St Allen Cornwall Parents ~ Richard James & Peggy William James Christened 30 April 1826 St Allen Cornwall Parents ~ Richard James & Peegy James James Christened...
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    Hawkey family Tregony cornwall

    Hi There is this link to a group on facebook called “We are hawkey” http://ja-jp.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2221300248 From IGI extracted from records entries Richard Bolitho Hawkey 1771-1863 Mother ~ Mary Hawkey Christened 15 April 1744 Broadoak Cornwall Parents ~ John Hawkey & Eliz...
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    Richardson and Daniels in Norfolk

    Hi William & Thomas are brothers not Father & Son 3rd Lord Cramond was Henry Richardson who died in 1701 the title then passed to his next surviving brother William 4th Lord Cramond. as Thomas had died in 1696 Thomas Richardson 2nd Lord Cramond Baptised 19 June 1627 Died 16 May 1674 Married...
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    Robert Skillin about 1773

    Hi IGI has a record submitted entry no submitters details. John Skilling Birth 1807 Cummertrees Dumfries Scotland Parents Robert Skilling & Sarah Murray Marriage to Sarah Murray 1795 Dornock Dumfries Scotland Robert Skilling Death 11 Aug 1852 Other Children William Skilling Born 1796 Dornock...
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    Parish register entries for Andover, Hants

    Can not find a marriage but from details below her name was Elizabeth Extract from http://myweb.tiscali.co.uk/tripartite/jermy-larnerfamily.htm John Jermy, Tallow Chandler of Andover, whose Will, written 11 July 1818, was proved at the court of the Arch Winchester 4 Aug 1826 (estate value less...
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    Richardson and Daniels in Norfolk

    Some Richardson Buriel details The Church of East Walton is dedicated to St. Mary In the chapel at the east end, lie several marble gravestones.— On one the arms of the Lord Richardson, or, on a chief, sable, three lions heads erased, of the first, impaling Barkham, argent, three pallets...
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    Richardson and Daniels in Norfolk

    A link which may also help http://www.electricscotland.com/history/nation/cramond.htm
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    Richardson and Daniels in Norfolk

    Hi I have found this information regarding the Richardson Family William Richardson 4th Lord CramondBorn 2 Aug 1654 Honnington Norfolk Died 7 March 1719 Son of Thomas Richardson 2nd Lord Cramond & Anne Gurney William's elder brother Henry was 3rd Lord Cramond. Married 1 Elizabeth Barkham...
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    Captain of the Titanic

    Captain of the Titanic Edward John Smith Born 27 Jan 1850 Hanley Stoke on Trent Staffordshire Died 15 Jan 1912 Parents were Edward Smith & Catherine Hancock-Marsh Some more info on him can be found here. http://www.webtitanic.net/framecaptain.html More Family Info here...
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    clarke's 1600's

    Hi Not sure if this helps IGI has a submitted entry for a marriage for Edmond Clarke & Mary Palmer 14 Nov 1689 Syston Leicester. I could not find a Keyha, Leicester but there is a Keyham not far from Syston.
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    GRICE Family Suffolk

    Thanks for the Replies much appreciated:)