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    Biglands Gloucestershire MI's

    Hello, Does anyone have a copy of the above please? I am after a few entries in various parishes. Thanks in advance
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    Benjamin Carrington burial 1850

    Hello, Can anyone see a burial for a Benjamin Carrington in Liverpool in 1850 please? I have looked and looked everywhere online, but hopefully someone can shame me by finding it. I don't have an exact date of death, as when I revisited this family line I discovered to my surprise I hadn't...
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    Monkey and giraffe

    A monkey and a giraffe walked into a bar, and ordered drinks. They went round for round, until it was time to go. As they got off their stools, the giraffe fell down face first. The monkey kept walking to the door. The barman called out, "You can't leave that lyin' there!" The monkey turned and...
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    Paws in the snow

    A great dane and a daschund were walking through the snow, when the great dane said, "Gee my paws are cold!" To which the daschund replied, "You think you have problems!"
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    Hello from South Australia

    Hello and thank you for having me on here. I have been researching my family tree on and off for quite a few years now (let's just say I started before the internet :rolleyes:, and have traced most lines back to the 1700's or earlier, apart from those frustrating Irish ancestors who only listed...