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    Christopher Hill's book "Century of Revolution" gives a very good overview. The quality go life depended very much on a person's social status. Society was very hierarchical. Jay :)
  2. J

    Lightowler family right path?

    You don't say how you acquired your information. Do you have evidence from BMD certificates, census returns for example? Jay :confused:
  3. J

    What is this, any idea please?

    It looks like a reproduction of a cromlech, prehistoric burial chamber. If you google Pentre Ifan, you'll see the genuine article. Jay. :)
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    1851 Abode & POB

    Could it be Bread Market? :rolleyes:
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    Ann Evans

    How about checking local papers for any possible references? Jay.
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    Need something to do?

    Still using a flat iron? Try using a steam iron. :2fun: Jay.
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    Hello from Australia

    Hello Barbara and welcome to the forum. Good luck with your research. jay :)
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    Heaven's very special child

    Glad to learn that everything went well. Enjoy the cuddles :) Jay.
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    Heaven's very special child

    Congratulations Gibbo and thank you for the lovely photo. Best wishes to you and your family. Jay :)
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    Water Under?

    Agree, water vendor. Jay :)
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    decipher name

    Could the last name be Hutton? The " I " has not been dotted so it could be a " u ". Just a thought. Jay :)
  12. J

    Another myth?

    Only the blue stones from the Preseli mountains. The sarcen stones are from the Marlborough Downs. Had to be dragged though. Jay. :)
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    Heaven's very special child

    Hope all goes well Gibbo. A Special Child has a Very Special Granny. Jay. :)
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    welcome back Sherlock and good luck with your research. Jay :)
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    "Without Merthyr, Cardiff wouldn't have been built!" The Romans built in Cardiff. Did they get to Merthyr? Jay :)
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    I'm a Gramps.

    Congratulations Steve and best wishes to you and all the family. Good to have you back. Jay :)
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    William Fenner

    I agree ... it looks like Beaufort Cape Colony. jay :)
  18. J

    Tales of the Unknown, mostly useless.

    A shame that they had to change them. I still prefer Monmouthshire to Gwent. Jay :mad:
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    Hello and welcome. Good luck with your research. Jay. :)
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    Old Earnest Halke.

    I enjoyed reading about him on the website and looking at the medals. Thank you Lee.