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    Looking for the birth of a Margaret Mealing abt 1942/45 somewhere in London.all i know is her mother was called Rose,sorry not much to go on.Thank You.Cumbrian
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    Hong Kong Marriage

    Does anyone know how i would go about finding a marriage that took place in Hong Kong in the 1920s or 30s.Thank You.Cumbrian
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    K K Staple

    Can some kind person try to find me Kenneth Kingsley Staple please,he was born in 1889 i believe in Yeovl.Oct-Dec Qtr.Thank You.Cumbrian:)
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    Elijah Shackcloth

    Need help again from this wonderfull forum.I can find the following from his death 1870 down to the 1851 census.But i can't find him in the 1841 census. Looking for Elijah Shackcloth,in the 1851 census it has Shack Cloth.Born abt 1820.South Creake.Norfolk.in 1841 he would have one child...
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    Nellie Goulding

    In the 1881 census i am looking for Nellie Goulding.Born 1873 Redcar N Yorks.I can find her in 1891 living with her mother Mary Ann Goulding,a Widow. in Middlesborough.in 1881 Mary Ann Goulding is on her own has a demestic sevant cook,Nellies father William Goulding is also living on his own in...
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    William Loadwick

    I subscribe to Ancestry and Findmypast,but seem to be particularly useless at finding things.I can find the following in the 1901 and 1891 census,but i can't find him in the 1881 or 1871 census.Looking for William Loadwick.born 1854 Greenwich.London.Wife Margaret born 1855 Norfolk.In 1881 there...
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    James Noel Gerrish

    I have James Noel Gerrish and his wife Bertha in the 1881 census living in Islington.with there children James Noel aged 1yr and Dorothy aged ,well it got 0.. but i can't find them in the 1891 census,anyone know where they are.Thank You.Cumbrian
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    Death Cert Query

    I have just got the death cert of my Grt Grdmother,died 1910,according to the cert she was a Spinster the daughter of John Mitchell a Butcher.According to my info she was married to William Warbrick who died in 1882,28yrs earlier,have i got the wrong Grtgrandmother,i thought she would have been...
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    Lost Relative

    I have come to a dead end with this relative,can someone help.Looking for Elizabeth Warbrick,brn abt 1866,Father William Warbrick.Mother Isabella (nee Mitchell) in the 1871 census she is living with her family in Lancaster,in the 1881 census she is living with Albert Tow and family in Liverpool...
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    Elizabeth Warbrick

    I am trying to find the death of Elizabeth Warbrick.born abt 1867.Father William Warbrick.Mother Isabella(nee Mitchel) i have her in the 1871 census living in Pitt St.Lancaster,i then lose her,i can't find her death,but i am not the greatest at searching.Anyone Help.Thank You.Cumbrian
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    Death Help

    Another piece of my family that has me baffled.I am looking for the death of Mary Ann Reid,she married Albert Laycock in Dec Qtr 1896.Albert remarries in Dec 1900 and is a widower,i can't find when his first wife Mary Ann Reid died. According to my sister who doesn't do family history but thinks...
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    John Warbrick

    I am looking for the marriage between John Warbrick born abt 1846 Lancaster and his wife Emma born abt 1845 Bentham Yorkshire,i am trying to find Emma's maiden name.John's father was a Robert Warbrick.Thank You.Cumbrian
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    Fanny Bell

    I am trying to find Fanny Bell in the 1881 census.She was born abt1870 Oulton,Cumberland.She is my Grandma i am trying to find out who her parents were.Thank You.Cumbrian
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    Walter Laycock

    In the 1891 census my Grt Grdfather Albert Laycock has among his children a Walter Laycock aged 15yrs.Now in the 1901 census he has two more children and one of these is also called Walter Laycock age 1yr.Did the first Walter die before 1901,this is what i am trying to find out.Walter was born...
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    Burial Place

    I am trying to find out where my Grt Grdfather is buried.William Warbrick, died 1882 in Carlisle age 42.is it possible to find out were someone is buried.Thank You. Cumbrian
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    House Occupants

    I hope this is the right forum,sorry if not.My aunties house was built in the 1870s,is it possible to find out who has lived in her house since it was built.she's interested to find out who's lived there.Thank You.Cumbrian
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    Service Record

    Can some kind person tell me if there is a service record for the following. L/2176 Sgt W Warbrick.V 30th Trench Mortar Bty.RFA.Died 28th July 1917.Thank You.Cumbrian
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    Service Records at Kew

    Do the National Archives keep service records of WWI soldiers,if they do can i find out if they have the one i want before going down there,don't want to go then find they don't have it.Thank You.Cumbrian
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    Frank Crooks

    I am looking for Frank Crooks,he died in WWI 1917 aged 22.Can anyone find him in the 1901 census please,he was probably in the Nottingham,Mansfield area.Thank You..Cumbrian
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    Lingfield West Bromwich

    In the 1841 census i have a relative living at Lyng Road.Lingfield.West Bromwich.I am having no luck finding Lingfield.is this wrong and could be something else.What county would they be in today.Anyone know.Thank You.Cumbrian