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    Hi Everyone! Would somebody be able to help me please? I am looking for birth details of a; John Conley, who was born around; 1870, in; Stargate, Durham. I can find him from; 1891 onwards, but nothing before. I know he married an Annie Brown. Could somebody help me please? Thanks, Carly
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    Indian Genealogy help

    Hi Everyone! I am helping a friend with her family history, and im a bit stuck There was a marriage between; Edmund John Taylor, and; Marjorie Florence Foster, on the; 7th June, 1927, Quetta, India. But Im struggling to find where Edmund was born. It says he was born in; 1907, but I can't find...
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    1st world war record

    Hi Everyone! I am researching my friends family history, and her Granddad, was in the; 1st world war. His name, was; George Marr (think his middle name was; Robert) he was a lance corporal, and his reg number was; T4250634DVR. I hope someone is able to find something on him. He was born...
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    O Briens/Phelans/Stokes

    Hi, Im researching Irish Family History for a friend, who is researching the names; O Brien, Phelan and Stokes. Could someone help please? Her Dad was; Patrick Joseph O Brien, who was born in; 1920 (Somewhere in Ireland) Not sure where. He was illegitimate,and his Mam was; Mary Joe O Brien...
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    The Grays

    Hi, I am looking for information on the; Gray family (specifically two sisters who were born in; Oxfordshire) . Vera D P Gray, who was born in; 1926, Oxford, Oxfordshire . Audrey J Gray, who was born in; 1928, Headington, Oxfordshire . Josephine Gray(Later called; Linda) who was born in; 1932...
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    John Thomas Tait

    Hi, my name is; Carly and I am new to this site. I was wondering if someone could help me please? My Great Great Granddad was; John Thomas Tait, who was born on the; 31st March, 1858, Merose, Scotland. I have his birth and his marriage, but I can't find a death anywhere. I think it would have...