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    Any one going to lancashire records office?

    If any one is going to lancashire in the near futuer, could they please let me know as i have a few R.C. baptisums i need looking up. I have the page numbers/dates and church which i need them from and are all one surname. Thanks
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    Access to 1911 census by address

    I can't get you free access to the 1911 but here is a tip to help you search on there for any family member at an address. http://fmpbsol.1911census.co.uk/ 1) First click on the link above. 2) Click on where it says "Search the 1911 census" at the top left of the screen. 3) Click on " Search...
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    Free parish records

    The Latter-day saints (Family search beta ) have put some parish records on line for Lancashire, Cheshire & Yorkshire. They contain the original books for Baptisums, marriages and burials. Plenty for Manchester/Salford and surrounding areas. Please delete this posting if any one has posted it...
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    Free search Ancestry military records 7-14 Nov

    Not sure if this has been post or not but here it is. Free search Ancestry military records 7-14 Nov Free Ancestry Military link
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    Why my posts do not appear?

    Could some one please explain why some of my replies to post appear right away and others may not go on for a while and have to be vetted. Some times they just don't appear to go on any of the threads i reply to?