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  1. pee wee

    Augustus Riches

    Can anyone do a lookup for me please for Augustus Riches B 1859 in Freebridge Lynn, Norfolk. Have found him living with his parents in Leziate, Norfolk on the 1861 & 1871 census then he disappears. I haven't been able to find him in deaths or marriages. Any ideas would be welcome. Peta
  2. pee wee

    chat room

    Hey does anyone use the chat room anymore. Doesn't seem to have much traffic there. :confused:
  3. pee wee

    Hello everyone

    Hi all, Been a long time since I have been on here. One thing or the other always got in the way. Hopefully I am back into geneaology in a more productive way now. Whats been happening? I see some names I recognise are still here. Might take me a little bit to remember how things worked & I'll...
  4. pee wee

    william P Masters

    Hi all, Could someone do a lookup for me. I am trying to find where this person fits into my tree. On the 1901 census he is living with George & Clara Coleman & is recorded as Son. He was listed as being born 1889 in Amersham Common, Buckinghamshire. I can find no record of his birth. In 1891...
  5. pee wee


    Hi all Could someone do a look up for me for Augustus Riches B1859 Freebridge Lynn, Norfolk. Father George Riches, mother Fanny. In the 1861 census he is living with parents, sister emma & brother Benjamin. Can't find Augustus after 1861. Cheers Peta
  6. pee wee

    1891 census lookup for Riches

    Would someone be able to a lookup for Benjamin Riches B1858 Leziate, Norfolk. He should be with his wife Susannah B1858 Magdalen, Norfolk & at least 6 children James B1879 Agnes B1881 Benjamin B1883 Mary B1885 George B1888 Edith B1890 I found them on the 1881 census with children James & Agnes...
  7. pee wee

    Sanders lookup please.

    Would someone be able to do a look up for me please. I am trying to find Robert Sanders B 14th March 1848 in Rothwell, Northamptonshire. I have his first marriage certificate to Emma Wykes in 1869 He later married Emma Healey in 1877 all in Northampton. I am trying to find his parents. On...
  8. pee wee

    free BMD

    Hi all, Does anyone know of any sites that offer free lookups to the England & Wales BMD other than Ancestry.co.uk.? I tried access ing the lists today but the access is restricted and automatically goes to the 14day trial page if I try to view a listing. I don't run a credit card, so this...
  9. pee wee

    BMD registers for Australia

    Does any one know of a registration index for Australian BMD? Something along the lines of the BMD indexes for England & Wales. I have tried the National Archives but haven't had any luck with their site yet. Seems a little strange that Australia doesn't have an easilly accessable index like the...
  10. pee wee

    Family Record Sheets

    I have a question for all you computer buffs :) I have downloaded a copy of the Ancestry Family Sheet. I was wondering if there is a way I can put the sheet into a word document so I can type straight onto it rather than printing it of and hand writing on it. :confused: I have tried doing a...
  11. pee wee

    Change of names

    :)This question was put to me the other day & I didn't know an answer for it. I was hoping someone here would have an idea. When a person changes his/her name by deed poll is there a way we can access those records for the purpose of family tree research. Or are those records sealed to...
  12. pee wee

    Genealogy site in Australia

    Does anyone know of good genealogy sites to search for Australian research? Also a place to search within Europe ( Norway, Scandinavia etc)?
  13. pee wee

    Streek maps U.K

    A while ago I came across a site where I could view the streets of certain towns in U.K.( kettering in particular). 8) I had a fine time looking up places that had been mentioned in my youth. :) Unfortunately I didn't bookmark the page & now have no idea where I found it. :'( Does anyone out...
  14. pee wee

    Parish records

    Hi, Was wondering how to go about looking up parish records. It is an avenue I haven't tried yet. Do I need to be a paying subscriber to a particular site at all? :confused: Most of my family are from the Kettering, Northampton area with a few others from Norfolk area. Can you only view really...
  15. pee wee

    Commonwealth War Graves Commission

    Have just been looking at this site for a relative who died in WW1. Don't know if any of you know the site already. It can give service numbers, regiments, cemetary names & grave locations. A printable certificate can be generated if you make a match. The site is www.cwgc.org could be worth a...
  16. pee wee


    I was wondering how I can get to the 1891 census on the Genuki site mentioned on the home page. I have typed in Genuki.com & while the site has 1971 census links it doesn't seem to have anything earlied. :'( Have I gone to the correct site or am I looking in all the wrong places in that site...
  17. pee wee

    Keiths simple record system

    Hi. I have just been reading through keiths method of manual record keeping. I noticed that in one of the posts he had included a thumbnail image of his pages that is no longer there (or I just couldn't download them). I was wondering if anyone else might have a copy of those thumbnails that I...
  18. pee wee

    Where do I obtain certificates from.

    If I find an ancestor and would like to order a certificate eg, Birth Or Marriage who in England do I contact. My ancestor is from Kettering , Northamptonshire. I'm in Australia & will need to do things snail mail as I don't run a credit card. Thanks Peta ::)