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    John Thomas Warwick

    I’m looking for help to find John Thomas Warwick born in Solihull, Warwickshire, in 1867. I have his baptism record. His parents were William and Elizabeth Warwick. His father William died in 1867 and his mother Elizabeth in 1896. The last trace of John is in the 1891 census where he is...
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    Benjamin Lee marriage

    Can someone please help me find a marriage for Benjamin Lee and wife Elizabeth? Benjamin was born about 1804 in Middleton, Lancashire his wife Elizabeth born in Birmingham, Warwickshire between about 1811. Their first child Sarah was born about 1826. All the children in the 1841 census were...
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    William Meredith in Australia?

    This request for information is to help further my knowledge about the Meredith and Cornish families living in Australia. Some while ago I added a post about Ebenezer Eleazer Cornish. Plenty of information helped me find them. Now I would like to find William Meredith born 1851 in...
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    Norris or Titterton

    Good morning everyone. Could I ask for a 1911 look up please? I'm looking to find the 2nd marriage of Elizabeth J. Witherington. She was widowed in 1904 in Aston, Birmingham. At the time there were three children Alfred, George and Elizabeth Witherington. Elizabeth remarried in 1905 in...
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    William Turner in 1851

    Can someone help me find William Turner in 1851? I have very little information about him other than the following. He was probably living in Duddeston, Aston, Birmingham in 1851. At a guess his date of birth was around 1802 but I don't know where. His occupation was Optician. He had a...
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    I can't seem to find any census information about Eliza/Elizabeth Blissett b.1846 in Dudley. I have her baptism, marriage and death details. Her father was William Blissett a carpenter by trade, I don't know her mother's name. She married into my Ballard family in 1877 and I have most of the...
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    De Roach

    I have a William Major De Roach in my family and I’d like to find out more about him. He may have been born in Birmingham about 1840. He married Sarah Smith in 1870 in Birmingham. I know he and Sarah lived in Birmingham and that there were a number of children, but I’d like to know more about...
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    Can anyone please find Charlotte Emma Waterland formerly Doody, born 1853 in Birmingham, Warwickshire? She was the daughter of William and Charlotte Doody. Charlotte married James Waterland in 1876 in Birmingham. I have found who I think is her husband James Waterland in 1881, but he...
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    Williams & Ryder/Rider family in Birmingham

    I need help please searching for my 2nd and 3rd gt. grandmothers. I’m hoping that a fresh pair of eyes on this Williams family will make it clearer. Apologies if I’m going into too much detail or if I have posted this in the wrong forum. Elizabeth Williams was born on 4th April 1822 in...
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    Doody family

    Please could someone look-up the 1861 Census for William Henry Doody born 1852 in Birmingham? His baptism record in 1852 shows his parents as John Doody and Mary Ann (maiden surname unknown). He also had a brother named John Francis Doody born 1855 in Birmingham and baptised in 1858...
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    Evans and Parker from Birmingham

    I'm hitting a brick wall with some members of my Evans and Parker family; I'm looking for some inspirational thoughts. Can anyone help please? Selina Haddon (1866-1921) married James Evans (1865-1894) my gt. grandparents. There were at least six children one of them was my grandmother. They...
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    Haddon and Shuttleworth

    I've been searching for a marriage in Aston in 1912 for Selina Haddon. She married William Shuttleworth. There are two capital letters in brackets after his name. Can anyone explain what these mean please? Shuttleworth William (HM) Thank you,
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    A 1901 look up request please for David Addison (1841-1917) born Aston or Birmingham? His occupation was working in the brass or steel industry. His youngest son Frederick born 1880 may be living with him. Thank you
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    I don't seem to be able to find a second marriage for Rhoda Haddon (married name) born 1838 in Birmingham. Her maiden name was Bell. I have found Rhoda, a widow in 1881 with four of her children living as a lodger with her sister Mary A. Addison and husband David Addison. Mary Addison died in...
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    William Joseph Ballard

    I'm looking for a marriage of William Joseph Ballard born 1905 in Aston, Birmingham. His father was named Thomas William Ballard and his occupation was strip castor and metal roller. Any help much appreciated thank you.
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    William Price

    I'm searching for William Price born about 1876 in Birmingham. All I know is that according to his marriage certificate his father was named Harry. He married Rosannah Ballard in Birmingham in 1903. Can anyone help please? Thank you
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    William Price and wife Rose Mary

    I'm looking for William Price born 1882 in Cleobury Mortimer Shropshire, England and his wife Rose / Rosannah. They may have been living in Birmingham in 1911. I'd like to know as much information as possible please, e.g children, if there are any military records for him and occupations...
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    Divorce or Bigamist?

    My 2nd great grandfather a widower, married a widow woman named Eliza Ginder in 1886 in Birmingham. I have a copy of their marriage certificate. Her father is named as George Weston. Her previous marriage under the name of Sarah Flavell was to George Ginder in 1869 Birmingham. On their...
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    Channel Islands baptism & parentage

    Can someone help me please with a Guernsey baptism? The name of my 3rd gt. grandmother was Martha Estanave. I think that was how the surname was spelt. At a guess she was born abt. 1800 in St. Peter Port, Guernsey, C.I. Her father was John Estanave. I'd like to know more about Martha, her...
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    Ada Rhodes b. 1877 in Birmingham

    Hello, Can anyone help me please to find a marriage for Ada Rhodes born in 1877 in Birmingham, Warwickshire? Her parents were Isaiah and Rose Rhodes. I'm guessing she married because she doesn't appear on the 1901 census with her family. Thank you, Julia