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    Recording an Illegitimate Relationship

    Thanks Steve, That's what I have done, but I did wonder whether there is a more structured approach. jcbhydro
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    Recording an Illegitimate Relationship

    Many thanks, In the case in question, it is impossible to be certain that the putative father is, in fact, the father. He never married , so there are no direct descendants to cajole into a DNA test. It wouldn't be appropriate to record him as a 'spouse'. I think that I shall just have to rely...
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    Recording an Illegitimate Relationship

    What is the recommended method of recording the details of the putative father of a child born to a mother who is married to the father of her other children? I use FTM 2019 and, as with all other FTM versions, it is configured such that children are recorded as born to a married partnership. I...
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    Introducing Myself.

    I am a retired consulting engineer living in West Sussex. My retirement passion is Genealogy, but I also spend a great deal of time in Music Appreciation and Theatre. My wife is a retired medical consultant who shares these passions. We have 3 adult children and 4 granddaughters. I have been...