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    Niggling problem with 'My Heritage' program.

    I have noticed a recurring problem with the family tree program that I'm currently using. (My Heritage). When I export my Gedcom file, some information on my tree disappears, and I have to retype the names of certain ancestors again. Is this something that has happened to other users? Perhaps...
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    Sharing Information

    Hi everyone :) I have a question to ask members of this forum in connection with research into their genealogy. If some one approaches you on this forum, after recognising that you may have a relative, close or otherwise, as possibly being member of their own family tree. Would you share your...
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    Mary E J Stone's parents please?

    Hi everyone, Mary Elizabeth Jane Stone b 1868 at Sherborne in Dorset and died in 1923. She is my maternal great grandmother, and was married to Henry William Battrick in 1889 at Weymouth Dorset. He was b in 1856 at Wareham Dorset and died in 1934. Now, I wonder if anyone can please help me to...
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    Were any of your ancestors, criminals?

    I recently came across this fascinating website, and if you have any black sheep tucked away in your family, you may just find this site a mine of information. Enjoy... :rolleyes: http://www.oldbaileyonline.org/index.jsp
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    Using a professional Genealogy service

    During my research work for my own family, I decided to invest a little money and use the services of ancestry,co.uk . At first, I tried to access known dates and names in order to gain confirmation. After numerous tries and getting the now familiar term: zero good matches, this very quickly...
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    Getting to know you,

    Hi everyone, I originally hail from Hampshire, but I’m now living in the Peakland hills of Northwest England. I’ve only been researching my ancestors for about six months or so, however, I’ve managed to go far in locating those who came before me. I’ve traced some of the main parts of my family...