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    Medforth-Yorkshire England

    Hi - a bit late coming in on this, but I have quite a few Medforths which have elbowed their way onto my tree, as well as a couple Wilkins and a Bland. You can reach me at ... Email address removed for security reasons as per site policy.
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    Harley - Yorkshire/canada 1856

    R-R, Thanks again! As for the first post, Jamie is my neice, and we are hunting for the same ancestors :) I currently have a subscription to Ancestry, but cannot locate the reference you refer to - lots of "William" and "Harley" references, but I do not see WHH anywhere:confused: Craig.
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    Harley - Yorkshire/canada 1856

    :)Romany Rose - thanks so much for the information. I do have quite a bit of detail around Wm. T Harley and his family, as well as Wm. H. and his family. The specific puzzles are around why (and where) the family was in Canada. Wm. H. is in the 1851 census in Hull, and then again in the 1861...
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    Harley - Yorkshire/canada 1856

    William Hodgson Harley and Agnes (Lowden) Harley appear in Hull in the 1851 and the 1861 census. Their son, William Taylor Harley, was born in Canada - the later census indicate this, and my Grandmother had told me that her father was born in Canada. I do not know when the parents arrived in...
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    Greetings - happy to be here.

    Greetings, Most of my ancestors came to Canada from England (Yorkshire) and Scotland (Aberdeenshire and Argyll), and a couple from Ireland (Armagh, I believe) in the early 19th Century (pre-census!) - I am having some problems identifying the correct families in the UK. I will post my specific...