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    Niggling problem with 'My Heritage' program.

    21% vat,eek) gordon bennet, the disease is spreading like a canker.:2fun: And I thought that you were going to tell me, yes, but the prices are a lot cheaper. I could have killed two birds with one stone, not that I'd actually do such a thing, but my grandfather was born in Larne, county Antrim...
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    Niggling problem with 'My Heritage' program.

    Thanks, ptjw7. I guess that I should be thankful for what I have got, because in the main, it does work. All the same, another program caught my fancy, I'm like that you know, it's Roots Magic. I like the idea of having the drag and drop tool, along with the ability to open more than one window...
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    Awarded a coat of arms

    I agree with what you say on this matter, but with the sort of money involved here, I doubt that anything will change for the good. :)
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    Revenge of the cat

    Very funny....:2fun::2fun:
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    Is it possible

    Yes! Is the simple reply. You could pull a muscle doing it. All I can add to this, is that there must have been some serious laughing going on there?:2fun::2fun:
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    Niggling problem with 'My Heritage' program.

    Drat... Double Drat! I should have known better, but being what is known as a silver surfer, I'm not supposed to know anything about computers... Now i know I don't!:2fun::2fun: Still, there's hope for all of us yet. Now where did I put my keyboard?..:o
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    Niggling problem with 'My Heritage' program.

    Thank you for your response, Peter. Although my 'Heritage' program has these complications, I do like the fact that I can produce a pdf file on my whole family tree, including any and all photos I need included, colour too, and that I can add text later if needed. I guess that I wouldn't like to...
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    Awarded a coat of arms

    Sorry, Duckweed! It seems that we can't do anything these days without paying through the nose for the privilege. It's a whole lot like paying for public records like the old census data, records that have been acquired through spending public money in the first place. Ah! That's something I...
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    Hi, and welcome to the forum. I wish you success in your quest.:)
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    From Canada

    Hi Lori, and welcome to the forum where it's all happening.:)
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    Hi Denise and welcome to the forum. Did you know that frustration is one of the most common events encountered by people researching their ancestors? I say, never give in, no matter what...:)
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    Help!! Let me In.

    Oh Dash! (walks away mumbling to himself.):2fun:
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    Awarded a coat of arms

    Although I'm not able to help you with your enquiry, the following website is there for this purpose. Hope it helps.:) http://www.college-of-arms.gov.uk/
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    Me at School.

    Quite MAD!:2fun:
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    Help!! Let me In.

    Duckweed! Go stand in the corner and don't come back until you've stopped complaining.:D
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    Now then! Now then! What's all this talk about wrinkles. There are delicately minded people on here, many are extremely sensitive to the idea of having wrinkles. And I'm one of them.:2fun: :2fun:
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    LARCOMBE Birth - 1810c Somerset

    Hi Christine, I've discovered a Robert LARCOMBE b: 1811 in Devon his death date coincides with Dave's info. d: 1868. However, I haven't found anything earlier that 1811, but Devon should offer some clues, perhaps?:)
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    Just a small amount of added information for you. I couldn't help but note that the Fothergills of either Mallerstang or Ravenstonedale have lived in the area since the 1500s, perhaps earlier if the records go back far enough.:)
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    I couldn't help noticing that there are quite a few Fothergills in the area around Mallerstang. Is it possible that they are all related in some way, given how small these places were?:)
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    Can you name this shield?

    Thanks, I've always had a little more than a passing interest in heraldry, however, yours wasn't that difficult once you realise what was actually featured on the shield. It was just like putting two and two together, but with me it usually comes up five.:2fun: Glad to be of help, oh, and by the...