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  1. dave6023

    GRO send wrong certificate

    On 24th March I ordered a PDF copy of an uncles BIRTH cert who birth was registered in Luton in 1905. Today I got an email to say it was ready to download. When I opened the PDF it was a DEATH cert for a person who died in Shoreditch in 1890! To say I was disappointed is an understatement...
  2. dave6023

    GRO Certificate price increases

    From an email I received a couple of days ago; From Feb 2019 the price of certificates and PDF copies is rising significantly Certificates will rise from the present £9.25 to £11 PDF copies (where available) will rise from £6 to £7 In addition there will be a £3 search fee where no...
  3. dave6023

    Looking for the birth of Robert HOARE

    I am struggling to find the birth of Robert Hoare. The 1901 census shows his age as 18 months and born in Hornsey, Middx. His parents are George Joseph Hoare and Emma Maria Hoare (Maiden name also Hoare!}. I have found the family in the 1911 census - mother is now a widow. They are living with a...
  4. dave6023

    Henry Hoare b c1897

    I am struggling to find a birth record for Henry. I've searched the GRO index without success. All I have are census records from 1901 & 1911 which both state place of birth as Tottenham Court Road! His father was John Hoare 1864-1919 His mother was Annie Maria Lucy Holloway b1866 I have...
  5. dave6023

    I'm a Grandfather!

    On 9th June a new generation began. Welcome Zak :):):):):):):)
  6. dave6023

    Mystery on Marriage cert

    I am researching a Mabel Vanstone born c 1883 who I believe is the daughter of John & Elizabeth A Vanstone. I have found this entry in the FREE BMD birth index; Mabel Vanstone Date of Registration: Oct-Nov-Dec 1882 Registration district: Stratton Inferred County: Cornwall Volume: 5c Page: 1...
  7. dave6023

    New occupation records on Ancestry

    Civil and Mechanical Engineers, 1820–1930 http://www.ancestry.co.uk/cs/uk/occupations-altb
  8. dave6023

    Lilian Isabel Smith

    A while ago I received an email from my cousin x1, attached was a marriage certificate. The content of the certificate was a complete surprise. It was my father's 1st marriage! I was not aware my father (William Hoare) had been previously married The marriage to Lilian Isabel Smith was in...
  9. dave6023

    Brother and sister's offspring marry each other

    Just discovered that one of my GGF's daughter's (Clara Florence STUART) married one of his sister Jane's children (William Henry STUART Love) in February 1908. Surely they would be first cousins. eek) Would/is such a marriage allowed? I have found no record of children from this union.
  10. dave6023

    Looking for possible half siblings

    I have just discovered that my father (William Stuart Hoare) had a previous marriage. In 1925 he married Lillian Isabel Smith at the Parish Church, Greenhill, Middlesex. What I want to know is, where there any children from this marriage. Any help or suggestions please. Dave
  11. dave6023

    This is great - GM have a dig at Bill Gates

    General Motors gives Bill Gates "what for" Thought you'd enjoy this one……anything sound familiar?? For all of us who feel only the deepest love and affection for the way computers have enhanced our lives. Read on.... At a recent computer expo (COMDEX), Bill Gates reportedly compared the...
  12. dave6023

    Season's Greetings

    Merry Christmas to everyone :cool:
  13. dave6023

    Message posting time wrong

    I just posted a message on a thread at 12.32 GMT but it shows in the thread as 7.32 GMT. Anyone else having this problem?. Also at the bottom of the web page it says this for the current time All times are GMT -1. The time now is 12:40. 12.40 though is GMT for me
  14. dave6023


    I have a possible black sheep eek) who was sentenced to 7 years transportation in 1847 by The Central Criminal Court after 3 previous convictions (4 months, 7 months and 1 year imprisonment) for larceny. Is it likely he was sent to Australia and is there a way of finding out? Dave
  15. dave6023

    George Pearce b circa 1875 Chartridge

    George Pearce is my wife's maternal Grandfather, other than the 1911 census and his marriage to a Bertha Gertrude Harley in 1898 I can find no trace of him or his wife. I do know when they both died, George in 1946 and Bertha in 1953 (have found records for these). George's mother's name was...
  16. dave6023

    Help information wanted about Waterside in Battersea(?) area of London

    My 2x Gt Grandfather William Hoare in shown in the 1851 census aged 60 with his family living at Waterside, there is no reference to a Parish, town or borough on the census form. The occupation column lists him as 'Bricklayer/Pauper'. I guess 'Waterside' is a workhouse or similar institution...
  17. dave6023

    James Chadney

    Help please. I am trying to find James Chadney b circa 1856 Kimbolton, sub-district of Leominster, Herefordshire. I have found him in the census's for 1861, 71, 81, 1901, 11 living at The Walls, Brockmanton, but cannot locate him in the 1891 census. His parents were Henry Chadney and Jane...
  18. dave6023

    John Hoare & Sarah Anne Tidbury

    I am struggling to find the marriage of my Paternal grandfather's parents. My grandfather Albert William Hoare was born 1868, registered Lambeth, so I guess the marriage must have been around this time. Sarah Anne Tidbury was born c1832 Hungerford (1 of 12 children). Death 3-08-1916 - Source...
  19. dave6023

    George Pearce/Gertrude (Surname unknown)

    I am trying to find the marriage of my wifes' maternal grandparents. They are in the 1911 census PEARCE GEORGE (RG14PN7787 RG78PN387 RD143 SD1 ED4 SN22) Address SWAN BOTTOM County Buckinghamshire District Amersham Subdistrict Missenden Enumeration District 4 It says they had been married...