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    death lookup

    hello everyone,i was wondering if anyone can help me,iam looking for my grandads dad his name is joseph davies,i think he was born in 1884 or 1886.i was told that my grandad was at the funeral of his dad that was in 1925 but i cannot find him anywere.his place of birth is toxteth park...
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    1901 census liverpool lookup

    hi could anyone lookup jane ann jones born 1890 dad called richard in the 1901 census from toxteth park. thanks in advance. beatleboy.:)
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    1891 census lookup

    please could anyone lookup joseph davies from toxteth park liverpool in the 1891 census.his dads called john and is down in the 1901 census as a shps painter. in december 1913 he is 27.thanks for any help anyone can give its driving me nuts.:(
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    1891 lookup request - Davies

    hello i was wondering if anyone could lookup joseph davies in the 1891 census.his dads called john davies and his mothers called elizabeth davies.in 1913 he is down as being 27 years old and his dad is deceased.i need to comfirm his mothers madame name.i think he was born about 1884 to 1886 in...