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  1. tranquil9903

    Try again?

    I was wondering if someone could find this family(before 1817): Michael McInnes/is wife Catherine(Galbraith) children: John ? Donald (born abt.1808 Stephen Neil(abt 1812) Mary Sarah also,is "Galbraith" Scottish or Irish?
  2. tranquil9903


    I know Ban means Fair(haired),Mhor means Big.....etc. What does Red mean...red-haired? My grandfather was James(Red)..great grandfather was Stephen(Red).Why wasn't Stephen's father Donald (Red)?
  3. tranquil9903

    Food not for thought

    Hi everyone I am in the process of starting the evening meal (cabbage rolls)and thought about how I am getting tired of making the same ole' meals.I would like to hear if anyone has some traditional or just plain ole' scrumptious recipes they would like to share.I like home cooked meals,too much...
  4. tranquil9903

    Hello again

    Hello again:)I am back at it again after taking a break.It helps when you stop banging your head against that brick wall sometimes....gives you time to bandage up and get ready to try again :biggrin: Anyway,thought I would say "Hi" to everyone.Hope everyone had a great summer. Joslyn
  5. tranquil9903

    Refusal to sign..

    I came across a recruitment(?) form online for an ancestor...on it he answered all the questions(including having served before)...but on the bottom of the form it says that he refused to sign it.Why would he refuse to sign?
  6. tranquil9903

    WW2 pic..

    I have had this pic in my family albums for as long as I can remember.I have no idea where it came from. My Dad passed before I thought to ask about it and the rest of my family is either confused or makes me confused when I ask questions about the past:). I am a little confused already because...
  7. tranquil9903

    Just a Thank You:)

    I received a birthday greeting in my email 2 days ago.I would like to Thank anyone/everyone involved:). THANK YOU :kissu::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  8. tranquil9903

    What's your favorite?

    Anybody want to play?....I will start by telling you a favorite of mine,then ask the next person what their favorite is of something.That person answers and asks the next another question...... here goes... My favorite color is blue.What is your favorite car?
  9. tranquil9903

    Happy Mothers Day

    Happy Mothers Day to all the UK Mom's out there from the Mom's in Canada(I'm pretty sure I forgot to add my comment on your day)and the same goes for all the men who might be the Mom also.......... Hope you're having a wonderful day .......:kissu...
  10. tranquil9903

    MacInnis/Galbraith again...

    I was just going through old e-mails that I had saved and came across one I think I overlooked.First let me tell you that my Scottish ancestry research in NovaScotia comes from VitalStatistics,Censuses and also from a book called "The History of Christmas Island Parish" by Archibald J...
  11. tranquil9903

    A few more pics

  12. tranquil9903


    I have found a record of my G.Grandmothers birth being registered by her husband(John B. Brannon/an),but I can't find any info on her parents(Capt.James McLeod 1863-1927(b.Port Medway,N.S.)-Elizabeth Ann Bowers 1863-1924).Any help appreciated,Joslyn:)
  13. tranquil9903

    Song Connection

    Here's how you play-someone gives a song title and singer(ex. The sound of 'music'-Julie Andrews),the next person gives a song starting with the last word of the former song(ex.'Music' sounds better with you-Stardust),and so on.... I know you guys are great at this:) Here goes..More than a...
  14. tranquil9903

    Wanna Play?

    Got a game if anyone wants to play.Word association-someone write a word(like-"flower"),someone else writes a word(like-"pot"),someone else writes a word(like-"holder") and so on.... Here's a word if anyone wants a go.. pixie:)
  15. tranquil9903


    Looking for info on WilliamSomers(no dates) married to Eliza(Elizabeth?)Fortune ( no dates).They had a daughter MathildaSomers(Sept.8,1860-Oct.29,1950) who married(1879) JamesBoutilier(1856-?)(Lived in the BrasD'or/NorthSydney area).Any help Appreciated,Joslyn
  16. tranquil9903

    Found her again

    When I was in my teens(a couple of years ago>:D)my father gave me a picture of my mother when she was a child(my mom died when I was 2 1/2).A few months later when we moved,I packed it away to keep safe.Being a teenager(not interested in anything but me:'()I didn't notice until a month or two...
  17. tranquil9903


    I don't know if you know or care ,but here you are-1911 census now available on ScotlandsPeople.Hope I'm allowed to print that:biggrin:
  18. tranquil9903

    10TH Royal Hussars

    Hi Steve,sorry about the quality(used phone camera/digital kept getting a glare).
  19. tranquil9903

    Thomas Hollohan/Hollahan

    I know I have posted this line before ,but I was wondering if someone could find a lead on Thomas Hollohan(no dates-sorry)married to Johanna Philpott(no dates). They had a son Patrick William Hollohan b.July12,1895.My Thanks to anyone who tries,Joslyn.:)
  20. tranquil9903

    A Sign

    What can I say ,I like funny signs:biggrin: