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    National Archives

    Hi everyone, Does anyone visit the National Archives at Kew? I've been looking for some info which they hold, but cant get there. Before I pay them for a search thought I'd check if anyone is a regular visitor. Amy
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    Hi all, Sorry if this has already been posted - I did a search and only found one relevant thread which linked to indiafamily.bl.uk but a search on their site was not successful. I'm trying to find information from India as one of my ancestors emigrated there in the late 1800s. While he was...
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    1911 request

    Hi there, Anyone with access to 1911 census prepared to do a couple of look ups for me please? Looking for two entries. First is for Mary Ann Mitchell (born 1852 in South Shields Co Durham) and husband James Mitchell (born 1852 in South Shields). Probably living in South Shields in 1911...
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    Drawing a family tree with multiple marriages

    Hi all, Not sure if this is posted in the right place but couldnt find anywhere else for it. I'm after some advice about how to draw a family tree when someone has been married more than twice. The format I'm using is fairly basic with the two names connected by equal signs and any...
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    New member - hello

    Hi All, Just joined and before I post anything anywhere else on the forum thought I'd say hello and introduce myself. My name is Amy and I'm 38. I'm relatively new to this, although some other members of the family have done some research already which means I'm not starting from nothing...