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    Burgess - Wilde family history

    Hi all, I am wondering if anyone could help with my Burgess/Wilde family history, Lancashire England I think. My grandmother was Sarah Emma Elizabeth Wilde 1894 - 1942 and my "grandfather" was James Henry Burgess . I am trying to establish if in fact James is my actual grandfather. James...
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    Locality clarification

    Hi, I am wondering if someone could clarify how UK localities are clarified. :confused: In Australia, we have suburbs, towns/ Cities, State. Sometimes we also describe locations by council/shire areas, which incorporate a number of suburbs of a city, or a number of towns in a country area...
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    James Jessop or Gertrude Jessop (Booth) siblings

    Hi everyone, I have been busy searching my ancestors and have found quite a lot of information. Especially on the Walheims and Wests. My mother would like information on the siblings of my Great grandparents, James Herbert Jessop, born in 1880 - Huddlesfield to Arthur and Rachel Jessop...
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    Hi from Australia - James Herbert Jessop

    :biggrin:Hi Everyone, My name is Lynette, I am 56 and I come from South Australia. I am very new to finding my ancestors and have no idea what I am doing or where to search. My elderly mother has asked me to find some of our family history. I would like information on James Herbert Jessop...