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  1. J

    quick hello

    Hi everyone, have been offline for a while but hopefully back to continue my research and maybe have some fun. have missed the site! Regards Jackson.
  2. J

    The great Pavlova debate

    Named after the russian opera singer Anna Pavlova this dish has always been thought of as a typical australian dish! Now it turns out our inventive cousins across the Tasman Sea have proof that in actual fact the famous dessert was a New Zealand based recipe developed in 1926!! Once again our...
  3. J

    Modern day weddings

    Next friday i have the honour of giving my step daughter away, although i am not a stranger to the modern wedding (having already married off three kids) i feel somewhat nervous as to the modern day wedding ettiquette. I still can't get my head around the lack of organization in proceedings, i...
  4. J

    Rejected emails

    Hi everyone I know this is a little off topic but i was hoping someone could throw some light on a little problem i have. I have been trying to email someone in the UK (i am in australia) and i keep getting the email bounced back to me with the reason #5.1.0 address rejected. I...
  5. J

    Vieritz family Queensland

    Hi everyone, i am looking to trace this side of the family and have no experience how things work this side of the world as all my history searching has been in the UK so far. So here goes first i am searching for Herbert Vieritz i know he was born 6/march/1909 at caboolture ( this info is from...
  6. J

    Carlton Goole Yorks

    Hi everyone, I wonder if anyone on this site has an intimate knowledge of this place? I am afraid i have a morbid curiosity as i have received my stepfathers death cert and it shows his address as here.I am curious as to where he was living prior to his death. Unfortunately i had no contact with...
  7. J

    The forbidden

    Hi everyone, has anyone else been forbidden again? or is it just me? I have been blocked for three days and have had huge withdrawal symptoms. Glad to be back, Jackson.
  8. J

    First day of Spring

    I am so surprised that no one has remembered that today is the first day of spring. The sun was up a little earlier this morning and now i am back home for breakfast i am listening to the birds chirping and the sounds of spring are in the air. OOPS! sorry have to go the better half says i have...
  9. J

    Grandma went missing

    I have my paternal g/mother Elsie Garland born in Dewsbury WRY 1899. apr qtr vol 9b p 712 I also have her in the 1901 census at Soothill lane Soothill WRY, living with her mother and father Faith Elizabeth and James Garland also living with them her siblings charles clara and james(jnr). I...
  10. J

    Sunday morning in queensland.

    Its 5.30 am and still getting light here, as i am sipping my coffee and listening to the kookaburras laugh, i am thinking about the day ahead and the trials and tribulations i am facing. The fact that i face these things with some help from my friends (mates) eases my concern somewhat. The cold...
  11. J

    Interesting site

    I dont know if anyone has had a look at this site before but it is worth a look. http://www.bbc.co.uk/nationonfilm/topics/ regards jackson.
  12. J


    Hi everyone, i am just starting to research my setchfield ancestors and my very first one is a problem to me already. I am searching for the birth of g/grandmother Culiar Smith (nee setchfield) who died Kirton Meers,Boston, Lincs, on 04/12/1969 I have just received her marriage cert and have...
  13. J

    Kirton end Lincolnshire

    hi everyone, would anyone know where i might be able to access information on Kirton end near boston lincolnshire? In particular what life was like from mid 1800s to early 1900s. My paternal g/parents and g/g/parents were farmers (labourers ?) from this area and any advice on...
  14. J

    dads resting place?

    hi everyone, just a little query if someone can point me in the right direction. I have only recently received my fathers death certificate after many attempts, and incorrect certs. What i would like to know is my fathers last resting place. I have his death at wrenthorpe yorkshire in 1968 but...
  15. J

    hi from jackson

    hi everyone, I reside in australia but was born in england and have been here since 1962. Just the last couple of years I have been doing my family history mainly at the insistance of my daughters who have taken a great interest in my past! This started off quite innocently as a favour to them...