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    Looking for John Jefferies

    Hello community, i'm trying to find the parents of a John Jefferies however i'm unable to locate any information. John Jefferies was inconsistent with his age/DOB and birth location which makes it tricky to find the information. I have linked the censuses, marriage cert and death cert which...
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    Unable to find 2 death certificates

    Hello Community, i have been searching around and unable to find a death certificate for the following 2 people Ada Louisa Jefferies Born: 1886 in Fulham - No marriage found Ada Martha Jefferies Born: 1866 in Kensington - Married William Thomas Collyer I believe Ada Martha remarried after...
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    Can an expert help me uncover this mystery?

    Hello first of all i've made a few threads here regarding a few things, i apologize if i'm spamming the forums. I've literally been spending weeks trying to uncover this mystery but i'm unable to link it in anyway! William Henry Jefferies is my great granddad and i'm looking for his parents...
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    What is the street name?

    As title states, what does this abode say?
  5. J

    L Or E Cursive?

    AS title states, is this L.Jefferies or E.Jefferies?
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    Which person could it be?

    Hello all, i'm stuck on finding more information about 2 individuals on my tree, they are both related and go by the same name ( father and son ) I have a electoral register here and wanted to know which of the persons it was. The name as you see on the register is William Henry Jefferies. The...
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    William Henry Jefferies

    Hello all, i've been using Ancestry for a while to try discover where i came from and what my ancestors did for a living however i'm finding it really difficult to get past my 2nd grandfather. My 2nd Grandfather was a William Henry Jefferies who was born on 28th August 1911 to a Louisa...