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    Marriage look-up please.

    Hi,I'm trying to find the marriage details of my Uncle Frank Carter who was born in Manchester in 1923 (Chorlton district Vol 8c-Page 1256) to a Kathleen Marshall (birthplace or DOB not known). I believe they were married during the "War years" ie early 1940's,presumably in Manchester and I...
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    Death look-up please

    Hi, I'm trying to locate the death of my Uncle Frank Adshead (born 4th quarter 1913 in Cheshire).His parents were George Frederick Adshead (b1878) and Mabel Hankinson (b1888) and to the best of my knowledge died sometime in the 1950's.From what I was told,he had a military funeral, so he must...
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    Death Information Please

    I'm looking for the death of my Grandmother Georgina Carter(nee Wray) b1887 in Wilderspool (Runcorn District Volume 8A Page 212).She married John Carter (b1885 in Warrington) in 1907 in Warrington(Volume 8c Page 324) and sometime after 1914 (when my father was born in Warrington) they move to...
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    My Lost Family

    Hi.I'm new to the forum,and I'm trying to find my family!My Grandfather John Carter b1885 in Warrington marries my Grandmother Georgina Wray (b1887 in Wilderspool) in 1907 in a Civil marriage in Warrington,I have them in the 1891 and 1901 censuses living in Warrington but cannot find them in the...
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    Death Look-Up

    Hi,I'm new to the forum,and I'm trying to find details of my Grandfather's death.He was born John Carter in Warrington in 1885(Volume 8c Page 187) and died in Ashton-Under-Lyne (now Tameside) Hospital in 1965.I am trying to find exact details so I can order a Death Certificate, but cannot trace...